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The details of Malik McDowell’s accident may never be known

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It has been nearly a year since the Seattle Seahawks used a second round pick on Malik McDowell, a physically talented defensive line prospect who has yet to take the field for the Seahawks due to an accident that reportedly happened last July. The details on the accident that led to McDowell missing the entirety of training camp and the 2017 regular season are scarce, and has some fans wondering what his injury was and what exactly happened.

There’s a limited amount of information available publicly regarding his medical condition, his injury and the accident itself, and the simple fact is we may never know exactly what happened. It is entirely possible that the details of whatever happened last July that led to McDowell tweeting he was simply happy to be alive never become known because there simply may not be any witnesses.

Along a similar vein, I know a snowmobiler who suffered a broken spine in an accident several years ago who has zero recollection of what happened. In fact, no one knows what happened in spite of the fact that it happened on a group ride.

The group was riding in an area with trees and hills, and everything was fine until the moment it wasn’t. There was a scream and a crash, and everyone went rushing to see what had happened. The rider had been knocked unconscious, but came to before anyone else got to the accident scent. However, the rider had no knowledge of how or why the crash had happened. All she could tell was that there was something wrong with her back and she had tingling in her legs, so she refused to let anyone move her until paramedics arrived on scene.

She went on to recover fully after having discs in her spine fused together, but it’s been more than a decade and still no one, not even her, knows what led to the crash. I’m not saying with any certainty that this is what happened in McDowell’s case, but the situation could easily be similar where there simply weren’t any witnesses. Malik himself may not know or remember what happened.

As frustrating as that may be, there might never be any answers to some of the questions about the accident. For fans who are accustomed to having access to as much information as possible, that’s frustrating to consider, but that’s simply how it may be.

It’s likely that in time more details will emerge on the specifics of his injury, particularly if the Seahawks move to release him. I will touch on that subject in a different article, as the move of releasing McDowell would free him to speak a lot more openly about his accident and the specific injury, but even then Malik himself may not have the answers some fans are looking for.