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Seahawks 7-round mock draft: Who I think they’d most likely take

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Today I am looking at who I really believe the Seattle Seahawks will be targeting and when. To start I’ve used a fairly reasonable trade back with Cleveland to add picks because I also think that is the type of trade they are hoping for. All of the players below have been on visits and/or worked out for the Seahawks. Historically, if you were to mock that group of guys to the Hawks, you would probably hit more names than any other method of prognosticating. If you think, that I think, Pete Carroll is gonna rebuild is DL, you would be correct. In 2013, they had a healthy rotation on the DL that keyed the LOBs ability to do what they did. That has been lacking lately and now they have lost some more. Edge rushers are few and far between in this draft, but there is a lot of quality up the middle. I expect Seattle to stock up.

So again, here is who I think they will probably actually go after on Thursday.













Seattle gives 1.18 to Cleveland for 2.3, 2.32 and 4.14

Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at 35 (round 2, from CLE) select: DE/DT RASHEEM GREEN, USC

Measurements: 6-5 275, 33.75” arms

Testing: 4.73 40, 23 reps, 32.5” vert, 118” broad, 7.24 3-cone, 4.39 short shuttle

Athletic pass rusher who can set the edge and stop the run from the outside. Expect him to be used in a Bennett role where he is on the outside in early downs and slides in to rush the interior on passing downs.

Via Draft Scout:

Long, lean player who flashes quickness and edge abilities. Versatile player who has the ability to slide inside on passing downs. Drives legs and sinks hips when trying to anchor on the edge against running plays. Has the athleticism to beat offensive tackles and press the pocket from the outside. Can provide pressure on the passer from a variety of spots. Hand placement is improving and is giving him better results as a pass rusher. Physically gifted player who has a high ceiling in the right hands. Violent tackler and explodes into passers when he gets close. Wraps up well and tackles through the runner. Swim move is starting to develop. Very quick hands that allow him to disengage in a hurry and corral passing runners. Long arms help affect passing lanes and bat passes. Has a knack for blocking kicks, and knows how to get his hands up.


Green’s draft grade is based on projection over what he shows today. He has obvious upside that is waiting to be unlocked and unleashed, but he must get stronger and play with better technique and toughness. Green doesn’t have the sand in his pants to hold up at the point of attack as an interior defender and will likely be targeted as a base end in 4-3 or 3-4 schemes with a likely role of reducing inside on passing downs. Green may need a team with a patient approach and willing mentor to guide him along his early stages. It will take time, but he should become an impact starter in the league.

Seahawks pick at 64 (round 2, from CLE) OG AUSTIN CORBETT, NEVADA

Measurements: 6-4, 306

Testing: 5.15 40, 19 reps, 28” vert, 106” broad, 7.87 3 cone

Massive brawler who will move inside to play OG. Pete and John have consistently replenished both OL and DL at the top of the draft and I would bet that continues.

Via Draft Scout:

Compact, well-distributed frame with broad shoulders, a stout core and thick limbs. Shows good quickness off the ball, initiating the contact with defenders in the running game and showing good upper body strength, including an explosive punch. Powerful. Roll his hips on contact, creating the torque that can defenders off-balance and lead to pancake blocks. Efficient athlete with light enough feet and balance to get to the second level, with the awareness to locate and stalk defenders. Eases off the snap in pass protection, comfortably sliding to his left to protect the edge, showing the coordination to shift into a second gear to recover if late off the snap. Plays with his knees bent and on the balls of his feet, showing good lateral agility and balance to shuffle. Anchors well due to knee bend, a flexible core and his upper body strength. Highly competitive. Gives good effort until the echo of the whistle, often blocking downfield and multiple defenders on the same play. Voted a team captain in 2017. -- Rob Rang 1/15/2018


Corbett won’t blow you away with any of his measurables or play traits, but he’s solid in most areas. Corbett is definitely sharp enough to move inside to guard or even center and has good technique, but his average to below average play strength and lack of length may be a concern. He has the size and talent to compete for a guard/center spot early on, but he may elevate above an average starter during his career.

Seahawks pick at 95 (round 4, from CLE) CB, HOLTON HILL, TEXAS

Measurements: 6-2 196 , 32” ARMS

Testing: 4.43 40, 31” vert, 120” broad

A 2nd round talent available in the 4th due to character. He is also the prototype Pete CB. Expect them to run to the podium if he is still here at the is point.


Hill has the size, strength and athletic ability that teams covet at cornerback, but his maturity issues will force teams to have early conversations about whether or not he will be on their board. Hill made tremendous strides as a cover man this year and has the potential to take yet another big step forward once he trusts his footwork and becomes less grabby. His instincts and physicality in run support could allow teams to consider moving him to safety at some point. If Hill runs well at the Combine, that could override potential maturity issues.

Seahawks select at 120 (round 4): LEO/SAM DORANCE ARMSTRONG JR., KANSAS

Measurements: 6-4 257, 34.75” arms

Testing: 4.87 40, 20 reps, 30” vert, 118” broad, 7.12” 3 cone, 4.23 shuttle

Played all over the defense for Kansas, but sizes out as a LEO/SAM.

From Draft Scout Profile

Athletic, muscular frame with adequate length. Balanced and stays on his feet through contact. Arc quickness and bend to wrap the corner. Drops his pads to create leverage and movement at the point of attack. Looks to incorporate various hand maneuvers. Physical hands and push-pull techniques to fight off blocks. Active playing style to find and rally to the football. Tracks the ball well and won’t be fooled by play-action or reverses. Plays with the same hustle all four quarters, despite playing for a 3-33 program the last three seasons. Strong hands to rip the ball out – six forced fumbles the last two seasons. Voted a 2017 team captain…Added 40+ pounds since arriving on campus. Productive starter with 34.0 tackles for loss and 142 tackles over 29 starts – played in all 36 games the past three seasons. – Dane Brugler 2/5/2018 profile

Armstrong is an intriguing prospect with the build and fluid athleticism of a shooting guard. Armstrong’s drop in production can be attributed to a change in scheme that asked him to play run first and pass second. His game revolves around athletic ability over technique, but his poor forty times at both the Combine and his pro day could cause concerns. Armstrong has the tools and upside to become an eventual starter at outside linebacker in a 3-4.

Seahawks select at 141 (round 5): DT/DE ANDREW BROWN, VIRGINIA

Measurements: 6-3 296

Testing: 5.03 40, 31 reps, 28” vert, 101” broad, 7.51 3 cone, 4.48 short shuttle

A disruptive interior rushing DT who can slide outside against run heavy looks.

Draft Scout

Impressive blend of size, strength and athleticism. NFL frame with outstanding length. Twitchy muscles and looks comfortable in space. Fluid redirection skills. Unlocks and accelerates to chase down ballcarriers. Plays up and down the line of scrimmage with the nimble feet to slither through gaps. Leverages gaps and plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage – 23.5 tackles for loss the last two seasons. Violent play style and competes with emotion Explosive upper body to dispose of blockers when his hands and feet are in sync. Generates power from his lower body when he drops his hips and pumps his legs. Showed noticeable improvement over his career. – Dane Brugler 1/29/2018

Brown has decent NFL and plays as hard as anyone could want, but he doesn’t have a resume filled with high impact plays because of his lack of explosiveness and overall quickness. Brown doesn’t have the rush talent to stick at defensive end unless he does so in a 3-4 front. His weight gain up to 296 pounds at the Combine shows that he understands his living will likely be made as a high-energy, interior defender with the potential to disrupt.

Seahawks select at 146 (Round 5): DT POONA FORD, TEXAS

Measurements: 6-0 306

Testing: 5.13 40, 24 reps, 29.5” vert, 111” broad, 7.76 3-cone, 4.75 short shuttle

This guy has a chip on his shoulder and impressive burst for a man his size. Rotating him, Reed, Jones and Brown would be an impressive group up the middle.


Thick, compact frame and plays low…quick off the snap to generate initial momentum…flexible body type to contort his way through gaps…uses natural leverage to burrow underneath the pads of blockers…shorter stature, but adequate arm length…uses his upper body power to deliver a jolt, flashing violence in his hands…maintains his balance to clog lanes…excellent recognition skills and awareness…effort doesn’t quit, chasing down plays downfield…blocked three kicks on special teams in his career…steady rise in play each of his four seasons in college…meek by nature and extremely well-liked by his teammates and coaches – voted a senior captain in 2017. – Dane Brugler 1/29/2018

Ford played in a slant-heavy, scheme in 2017 that asked him to try and disrupt in the gaps. While Ford flashed the ability to stack blocks and play with some strength at the point of attack, his lack of overall mass could make it tough for teams to see him in anything other than a penetrating, 4-3 scheme. Ford has a shot at making a team, but his lack of physical traits will be a challenge.

Seahawks select at 156 (Round 5): TE WILL DISSLY, WASHINGTON

Measurements: 6-4 262

Testing: 4.87 40, 15 reps 28” vert, 111” broad, 7.07 3-cone, 4.4” short shuttle

TE blocking was more of our problem in run blocking last year than anything else. Dissly can block. He also is a capable receiver who will sneak into a route without the attention that the JG types get.

Draft Scout

A lot more athletically gifted than given credit. He played both sides of the football in college at defensive end and tight end. He is a quick learner and training to add long snapping to his football repertoire in preparation of the NFL Draft. Dissly is well built and lean for his size, possessing a capable frame to bulk up. He gets into his blocks quickly and uses good hand placement to steer defenders off the ball. Above average ability in sustaining his blocks and can chip and seal, consistently. Nasty at times and plays to whistle. Underdeveloped receiving skills. - Bo Marchionte 1/30/18

Inexperienced but improving, Dissly is a Y-tight end prospect who has the potential to become a much more productive and effective player than where he stands right now. Dissly has decent size and is nothing special as an athlete, but he displays the toughness and talent to become an NFL blocker as a Day 3 selection.

Seahawks select at 168 (Round 5): RB ITO SMITH, SOUTHERN MISS

Measurements: 5-9 200

Testing: 4.45 40, 36.5” vert, 119” broad, 7.2” 3-cone, 4.56” short shuttle

Some will say that he is undersized and he is short, but he is thick also. More importantly, he was very durable in college. He had 4000 yards rushing and 1000 receiving while in college, the guy produces and throw in that he can step in as a KR.


Possesses a compact, athletic frame with good upper and lower body definition. Attacks the line of scrimmage, showing an explosive burst to and through the hole. Sets up defenders with shimmies and shakes to leave them off-balance, showing the jets to explode in either direction as well as the breakaway speed to turn a small crease into a big gain. Stronger than he looks, lowering his shoulder on contact and keeping his legs driving. Reliable receiver out of the backfield, utilizing his quickness to consistently generate separation and showing body control and soft hands to pluck the ball and corral it in one smooth movement. Doesn’t shy from contact in blitz pick-up, dropping his pads and butt to anchor better than his marginal build would suggest and shows excellent timing and commitment to cut-blocks, including when blocking downfield for teammates. Terrific durability, missing just one game (Appalachian State, 2014) in four seasons. -- Rob Rang 1/20/2018

Undersized workhorse with 940 career touches and 49 career touchdowns. For all of his production on the ground, Smith lacks the explosive qualities of a slasher. Smith’s lack of size and burst could hinder his chances as a running back, but his talents as a pass-catcher could keep him alive in a camp.

Seahawks select at 226 (Round 7): S/CB NATRELL JAMERSON, WISCONSIN

Measurements: 6-0 200, 32.5” arms

Testing: 4.4 40, 25 reps 35.5” vert, 120” broad, 7.07 3-cone, 4.27” short shuttle

Started college as a WR and converted late to CB. Possesses all of the physical tools, just needs to learn the position.

Jamerson is still learning the position, but he has an interesting blend of instincts and speed. He’s a willing tackler, but his lack of size shows up when he has to take on bigger running backs heads-up. His experience as a jammer, covering kickoffs and returning kicks could give him the edge for a backup safety spot on the roster at some point

Seahawks select at 248 (Round 7): WR KEITH KIRKWOOD, TEMPLE

Measurements: 6-3 220

Testing: 4.45 40, 35” vert, 125” broad, 6.94 3-cone, 4.4” short shuttle

Elite quickness and burst for his size, just a big target that is worth the risk.

Height, weight, speed prospect who checks all of the character boxes and has intriguing potential that is waiting to be developed. Kirkwood’s production isn’t anything special and he has work to do with his route-running, but his size and athletic traits and his history of working outside and from the slot will be appealing to matchup-oriented offensive coordinators. Kirkwood appears to be limited in which schemes fit him, but he has a developmental profile that could land him on