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There are now prizes involved! Get your picks in for the 2018 Armchair GM Challenge before it’s too late!

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday is the last day to submit picks for the 2018 Field Gulls Armchair GM Challenge, and there was an exciting development overnight.

I will work on getting more details to update everyone on this great development, but it appears as though there will indeed be prizes involved, as the Tacoma Comedy Club is planning on sponsoring the event as they have in the past. Be sure to check back here later in the day, as I will be updating this post with the specifics of the prize.

In any case, be sure to get your picks submitted today, as the deadline for the submission is 7:00 Pacific this evening, or five minutes before the Seattle Seahawks first pick is announced on Twitter (which is unlikely to happen before 7:00, but you don’t want to risk it).

Here is where the complete rules for the 2018 Armchair GM Challenge can be found, along with the link to the submission form. So, in short, go read the rules, submit your picks, and be sure to check back here later today to find out the specifics of the prizes that the Tacoma Comedy Club is offering!