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Seahawks draft pick Rasheem Green developed humor to get over speech impediment

Social media platforms reveal former USC defensive end can dish out jokes and make fun of himself

The Seattle Seahawks’ day two selection Rasheem Green suffered shyness as a child because of a speech impediment that made him stutter, and reticent to talk. These days Green speaks readily, but he also shows how his early communication struggles didn’t set back his development of a big personality at ease expressing himself with a sense of humor. In between celebration of coaches, teammates and even rivals you expect from an NFL Draft prospect, Green’s social media outlets display a frequency of jokes, pranks, sharp trash talking against opponents and friends, and also a willingness to make fun of himself in a style that would fit right in on Seahawks Twitter.

For example, after his pick by Seattle was announced the internet dug up Green’s formal portrait at USC complete with red suit, abundance of hair above his lip and absolutely no lineup at the edges of his scalp: “Rasheem Green looks like he played for the 85 Bears,” wrote Twitter personality @sportsbynature. But Green is used to the teasing, and already in March he had responded to a former recruiter who brought similar jokes by showing he wears the facial hair with as much irony as pride:

Sheem can also dish it out. Here he is sparring with former teammate, Trojans offensive lineman Nico Falah who addressed him “what’s up softy”:

And giving the simple side-eye to fellow draft prospect Kahlil McKenzie, who tweeted out a transparent endorsement plug for Jay-Z’s music streaming platform:

Nor does Green limit himself to targeting peers. Here he is roasting Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Shuster with a classic meme at the end of last season (okay, Smith-Shuster used to be teammates with Green too, but it still shows Green is capable of razzling pros):

These may all be standard interactions with friends in a digital media environment in 2018, not some outstanding comedy chops, but they still demonstrate how Green is willing to play the relentless goofball. Let’s move over to Instagram. What do we see? Sheem voguing with a sword.

Game week

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Green as a youngster with family at Splash Mountain, just because:


A post shared by Rasheem Green (@ras_green) on

At the grocery store with his high school football gear on #nbd:

#tb lol

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With the homies keeping the Pro Bowl in his, um, sights:

Let’s not forget probably the most interesting component to Sheem’s personality—his pet chameleon Leek. Look how Leek has grown:

YFC #leek

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That’s right, the Seahawks went from a top defensive draft pick named Leek in 2017 to a top defensive draft pick in 2018 who literally owns Leek.

Why a chameleon? Friday Green told Jackie Montgomery on a Facebook Live chat: “A dog’s real high maintenaince. A chameleon—it’s a cool pet. You don’t have to walk it. It’s quiet. You just have to feed it bugs. You can hold it. He’s real pretty.”


Therrrre it is.

What else? Well, there’s the perhaps apocryphal detail unearthed by our Sam Gold and the NFL subreddit that Green can perform 1990s club anthems on the unlikeliest of instruments.

What’s funnier is that even if this is true, the fact it became public also means Sheem must at some point have told this to a pro scout.

More importantly, we can all share with Green a relief and gratitude the 20 year old defensive end didn’t get drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

I’m dead. I’m embalmed. Congratulations Rasheem Green, and welcome to Seahawks Twitter.