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NFL Draft 2018 Results: Which players did the Seahawks’ NFC West rivals pick up?

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Josh Rosen Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 NFL Draft is finished, and the Seattle Seahawks finished with nine picks, starting with running back Rashaad Penny, and finishing with quarterback Alex McGough. No pick drew more attention than UCF LB Shaquem Griffin, chosen in the fifth round at #141, and that means he’ll be on the same defense as his twin brother Shaquill.

As for the rest of the NFC West, the Arizona Cardinals are clearly a rebuilding side, and Carson Palmer’s replacement figures to be UCLA QB Josh Rosen, whom Arizona traded up to #10 to select. The Cardinals followed that up by drafting talented Texas A&M WR Christian Kirk in the second round. They only have a half-dozen picks overall, so not a huge class by any means. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers bolstered their offensive line by choosing Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey at #9, and snagged Washington WR and prolific special teams returner Dante Pettis in round 2. The Los Angeles Rams didn’t have a first or second-rounder due to big trades. Their first pick was TCU OL Joseph Noteboom, and you have to admit that it’s one of the best names in the league already.

You might notice that while the 49ers and Rams had a defensive-minded draft, Arizona only used one pick on a defensive player, and it came in the sixth round. Here are the draft classes for Seattle’s division rivals:

Arizona Cardinals

Round 1 (10th overall): Josh Rosen, Quarterback (UCLA)
Round 2 (47th overall): Christian Kirk, Wide Receiver (Texas A&M)
Round 3 (97th overall): Mason Cole, Center (Michigan)
Round 4 (134th overall): Chase Edmonds, Running Back (Fordham)
Round 6 (182nd overall): Chris Campbell, Defensive Back (Penn State)
Round 7 (208th overall): Korey Cunningham, Offensive Lineman (Cincinnati)

Total picks:6
Offense: 5
Defense: 1

Los Angeles Rams

Round 3 (89th overall): Joseph Noteboom, Offensive Tackle (TCU)
Round 4 (111th overall): Brian Allen, Center (Michigan State)
Round 4 (135th overall): John Franklin-Myers, Defensive End (Stephen F. Austin)
Round 5 (147th overall): Micah Kiser, Linebacker (Virginia)
Round 5 (160th overall): Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Linebacker (Oklahoma)
Round 6 (176th overall): John Kelly, Running Back (Tennessee)
Round 6 (192nd overall): Jamil Demby, Offensive Tackle (Maine)
Round 6 (195th overall): Sebastian Joseph, Defensive Tackle (Rutgers)
Round 6 (205th overall): Trevon Young, Defensive End (Louisville)
Round 7 (231st overall): Travin Howard, Linebacker (TCU)
Round 7 (244th overall): Justin Lawler, Defensive End (SMU)

Total picks: 11
Offense: 4
Defense: 7

San Francisco 49ers

Round 1 (9th overall): Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle (Notre Dame)
Round 2 (44th overall): Dante Pettis, Wide Receiver (Washington)
Round 3 (70th overall): Fred Warner, Linebacker (BYU)
Round 3 (95th overall): Tavarius Moore, Safety (Southern Miss)
Round 4 (128th overall): Kentavius Street, Defensive End (NC State)
Round 5 (142nd overall): D.J. Reed, Defensive Back (Kansas State)
Round 6 (184th overall): Marcell Harris, Safety (Florida)
Round 7 (223rd overall): Jullian Taylor, Defensive Tackle (Temple)
Round 7 (240th overall): Richie James, Wide Receiver (Middle Tennessee)

Total picks: 9
Offense: 3
Defense: 6