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Kellen Clemens could be an option for Seahawks backup QB spot

San Diego Chargers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Russell Wilson is currently the only quarterback on the Seattle Seahawks roster, as Trevone Boykin is no longer on the team and Austin Davis remains unsigned. There was a recent visit from Geno Smith, but Geno opted to sign with the Los Angeles Chargers.

If the Seahawks wanted to keep things in-house, Jon Ryan and Doug Baldwin would obviously be the top candidates, as they’re the only other members of the team who have actually thrown a touchdown pass. That seems unlikely, so the search much continue.

With Brian Schottenheimer in charge of the Seahawks offense, one name that surely pops up as an option to be the backup to Wilson is Kellen Clemens. The former Oregon Duck is up there in age at 35, but he has a lengthy history with Schottenheimer that at least provides familiarity with his system.

When Clemens was chosen in the second-round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the New York Jets, Schottenheimer also came on board as the team’s offensive coordinator. and the two remained together until Clemens departed in 2011. They would soon be reunited in 2012, as Clemens had already been picked up by the St. Louis Rams, and Schottenheimer was hired by alleged professional football coach Jeff Fisher to be the Rams’ OC.

Clemens replaced the injured Sam Bradford in 2013, starting almost half the season and guiding the Rams to a gloriously Fisherian 7-9 record. Kellen would go to the Chargers in 2014, and Schottenheimer would be gone from the Rams after 2014, so Clemens has had Schotty as his OC for seven of his twelve years in the NFL.

This is not me advocating for the Seahawks to sign Clemens, by the way. Make no mistake about it, Kellen Clemens is a really bad quarterback. He’s incredibly inaccurate, throws garbage passes like this under pressure, has a career AY/A of 5.4 yards, isn’t very mobile or athletic, and did I mention that he’s going to be 35 years old? Yeah...

No visit has been scheduled, in fact Clemens actually worked out with the Jacksonville Jaguars alongside Austin Davis, but if Clemens winds up in Seattle, at least to compete for the backup job, don’t be surprised.