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Video: Seattle’s Legion of Boom was assembled from scraps

NFL: Seattle Seahawks-Training Camp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest news out of last week’s OTAs for the Seattle Seahawks was a position switch, or rather, a side of the field switch. Sophomore cornerback Shaquill Griffin had made the change over to the left side, the same side Richard Sherman made famous - and largely ignored - for so many seasons. The move not only allows Byron Maxwell to return to his more comfortable right side, but signals a departure from the Legion of Boom Seahawk fans once knew. Richard Sherman is in San Francisco with the 49ers; Brandon Browner hasn’t played an NFL game since 2015; Kam Chancellor may never play again; and Earl Thomas has one year left on his contract with Seattle, with no extension in sight.

Allow SB Nation to distract you from the inevitable march of time as they look back at the original Legion of Boom, where it got its origins and how it has developed over the years: