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Brandon Marshall contract details

The Seattle Seahawks signed veteran receiver Brandon Marshall this week to a one-year contract that was reported to be worth “up to $2 million.” Those contract details were revealed on Thursday by Field Yates:

Marshall got a $90,000 signing bonus, which is presumably all the Seahawks are on the hook for at this point. Should Marshall make the roster and stay on the team, he’ll earn a base salary of just $1.015 million, which is roughly the same as what Kendall Wright is earning with the Minnesota Vikings and what Jordan Matthews is getting from the New England Patriots. It is less than what second round pick Christian Kirk is getting from the Arizona Cardinals and does not rank anywhere near the top 50.

Two years ago, a healthy(ish) Marshall caught 59 passes for 788 yards and three touchdowns with the New York Jets. Per those details above, that would net Marshall an extra $125,000 on receptions, $250,000 in yards, and $0 in touchdowns. And if he does nothing or doesn’t make the team, it costs Seattle $90,000.

Seems reasonable.