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Expect an uptick in free agent signings across the NFL the rest of this week

Seattle Seahawks v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

With rookie minicamps across the NFL having been completed this weekend, teams league wide have now had a chance to assess the new additions they made through the draft and signed as undrafted free agents. That means the last real period to tweak rosters prior to training camp comes during the second half of this week, when free agent signings no longer count in comp pick calculations.

This year May 8 is the last day on which free agents signings count in the comp pick calculations for the 2019 draft, so barring a rash of free agent signings Tuesday, the Seattle Seahawks are unlikely to be recipients of any compensatory picks next spring. However, because the Hawks could release or otherwise move on from the free agents they have added since March, the possibility does remain, however remote it may be.

In addition, the team could opt to take advantage of the rarely used May 8 tender offer, which would extend the deadline for comp pick calculations through the start of training camp in late July. Under the May 8 tender offer, an unsigned free agent is tendered a contract offer at 110% of their prior year salary.

So, for example, if the Hawks decide that they would like to resign Oday Aboushi, they could use a May 8 tender offer that would put a $1,072,500 contract offer on the table for Aboushi. Aboushi would retain the ability to sign with any other team as a free agent, but if he remained unsigned when the Seahawks open training camp in late July, he would not be able to sign with any other team until through the end of the 2018 season. I don’t expect the team to retain Aboushi moving forward, as he does not represent the type of offensive lineman the team is likely to use going forward, but his contract situation works perfectly as a hypothetical in this case.

Thus, don’t be surprised if there is end of the roster churn and teams that have waited out the end of the free agency period that counts towards comp pick calculations add veteran free agents like Luke Joeckel or Eddie Lacy before the end of the week.