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A closer look at Justin Coleman from new Field Gulls writer Jamar Rashuan

Kenneth here: Please welcome Jamar Rashuan, a former D1 defensive back, to the fold at Field Gulls. He’s been making film breakdowns on his own over at his YouTube channel TTG4Real, including the Dion Jordan video we posted here last week. I think you’ll really enjoy these and there are plenty of Seahawks vids to come in our exclusive partnership with Jamar. Follow him on Twitter @TTG4Real. Now over to Jamar, whose first video is on Justin Coleman, a pivotal piece of the “new” Seattle secondary.

Justin Coleman has the potential to be a difference maker in the newly-acclaimed “LOB” secondary this season. I believe it’s safe to say that Coleman has finally found a long-term home with the 12s. Originally undrafted out of Tennessee in 2015. Coleman signed with the Minnesota Vikings, but was released during the first wave of cuts. Later to be signed, cut, signed, and then traded by the New England Patriots to the Seattle Seahawks just before last season began.

(As mentioned in the video above, imagine if the Patriots had Coleman in the Super Bowl instead of the benched Malcolm Butler.)

Although Coleman only started in five of the 16 games, he made the most of every opportunity, finishing the season with 42 Tackles, 9 PD, 2 INTs (both returned for TDs), and 1.5 sacks. What separates Coleman from the other cornerbacks on the Seahawks roster is his strength at the LOS and quickness out of his breaks.

Fun fact about Coleman: he was the top performer in bench reps, 3-cone drill, 20-yard shuttle, and 60-yard shuttle in the 2015 NFL Combine. Coleman also has the IQ and instincts to play outside at the field or boundary corner if needed, which is hard to come by in today’s NFL and something that Seattle is looking for this season. There is talk that Coleman will try to take on the role that Jeremy Lane started out with last year, playing outside when there are two corners on the field and in the slot when playing nickel.

Will Coleman step up with the losses of Richard Sherman, Lane, and potentially Kam Chancellor? I believe he will, but as well all know “Only Time Will Tell.”