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Seahawks film: A closer look at Frank Clark

The Breakdown

With Frank Clark entering into the last year on his rookie deal, is it now safe to say he’s about to break the bank? If you have any common knowledge of how today’s NFL free agency works, then the answer has to be yes. Will he be in a Seattle Seahawks uniform next season though? I’m not sure. Should he be?


In a league where teams overpay for pass rush specialists due to pass-happy offensive coordinators, next season is a huge audition for the former Michigan Wolverine. Unlike some pass rushers who are over-paid and overrated however, Clark is actually worth every single dollar.

From the looks of things, the Seahawks regime are taking a poker face approach with Clark and his representatives about his contract. From their standpoint, I would understand due to factors like the domestic abuse arrest and subsequent no contest plea to disorderly conduct that caused him to slip in the 2015 draft. However, despite Clark’s background, lately he has done everything right to show he’s a good investment on the field.

1. In Clark’s brief NFL career he has played in 46 of the 48 games, which will be the number one thing he should bring up at the negotiation table. As my grandfather Jim Norris always uttered: “Health is wealth.”

2. Clark gets after the Quarterback, coming in with 22 Sacks in three seasons. A key thing to keep in mind with his sack total is during his rookie season he didn’t start a single game. Clark only accounted for 323 snaps over the 15-game stretch. Which estimates to a whooping total of 36.56% of being on the field. I hope you caught my sarcasm there. Clark will use this in negations as well. Just imagine if the Seahawks would’ve played him more during his rookie year what his sack total could have been.

3. With the quarterbacks getting the ball off so quickly in today’s game, QB hurries are a new stat that’s crucial in evaluating defensive players at contract time. In his three seasons, Clark has 52 QBHs. You better believe his representatives at Select Sports Group will use this as leverage as well.

4. As well as being a pass rush specialist, Clarks a bit underrated when it comes to his run-stopping ability. In his three seasons he comes in with 27 tackles for loss. A pretty healthy number for a guy who is mostly utilized on passing downs. And finally ...

5. This has nothing to do with football, but when I become a head coach at the collegiate level in the near future I want my defensive lineman or edge rushers in this case to have some sort of Aggression, Edge, Intensity, and or Personality. In Clark’s case he obtains all four. At times to a fault, but I think the good outweighs the bad in his situation when it comes to football.

If I haven’t convinced you all that Clark is an asset and not a liability that Seattle must keep, then hopefully by the end of my film breakdown I’ve done my part.

In the good words of Miguel, one of my favorite artists out there: “Good things come to those that wait up (splish) But don’t wait to jump in too long’’.

Lets hope the Seahawks and Clark can come to a mutual agreement.


Should the Seahawks Re-sign Clark or let him walk?

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