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We all know Earl Thomas wants to be on the Cowboys and he’s not really hiding it

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images

What’s wrong with wanting to play for your childhood team? In my opinion: Absolutely nothing. Even if you’re still bound to a different NFL team. And even if you let it be publicly known that you’d like to wear the colors of your favorite team. That’s been the not-so-shy actions of Seahawks safety Earl Thomas recently and he was at it again this week on Instagram.

As noted over at Blogging The Boys, Thomas responded to a comment on Instagram calling the Cowboys “Americas team #cowboysnation” with “America’s team str8 truth.”

(props to Earl for correcting the grammar on America’s, though he did then use short-hand for “straight.”)

Thomas famously told Dallas head coach Jason Garrett to “come get me” after Seattle’s win over the Cowboys last season, and he later confirmed that it was about him wanting to be on that team. Now preparing to holdout for a new contract, Thomas is continuing to spread the word that he loves the Dallas Cowboys — kinda, I mean, we all know that the Cowboys are referred to as “America’s team” even though that doesn’t even really mean anything to anyone outside of Dallas fans — and maybe he even wants to play for them immediately.

But I still wouldn’t care, as far as the Seahawks are concerned.

My prediction is that Thomas won’t receive a new contract, won’t be traded, and will end his holdout because prolonging it for an extended period of time will only make it harder on himself to ever leave Seattle or get a new contract. He needs to play in order to be a free agent in 2019. As I wrote previously, the Cowboys don’t even make very much sense as a trade partner. (Spoiler: I think the Houston Texans do make sense.) So what options does he even have?

He either plays or he retires. I could be wrong, but I think those are the only two paths for Earl.

And if he plays for the Seahawks, I have little doubt that he will do so at 100-percent and with all the normal amounts of eliteness that we’ve come to expect from Earl. Anything less would not just be completely foreign to his nature, it would jeopardize his ability to get a lucrative contract from some team in 2019. So Earl can call the Cowboys “America’s team.” He can have Cowboys tattoos from head to toe. He can tell reporters every day that he’d rather be in Dallas. And none of that would matter to me. Being a Seahawks fan is not such a pride thing to me that I can’t remove it and realize that almost every player who has ever played for the team grew up rooting for someone else.

Thomas may be a Cowboys fan, but he’s still a Seahawks player.