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Century Links 7/16: Who Has Represented Seahawks Best in Franchise History?


Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks: 30 greatest players in franchise history
Who are the all-time greatest players to ever take the field for the Seattle Seahawks franchise? Let's answer that question here and now.

Seahawks will be better because they lost Jimmy Graham
Seahawks will be better because they lost Jimmy Graham. Graham might be a Hall of Fame tight end. But the Seahawks are better off without him.

Will the Seahawks really run worse with a fullback?
A recent article showed the Seahawks running game was much worse with a fullback leading the way in 2017. Will this hold up in 2018, or was it just a quirk?

Richard Sherman: Mistakes and poor judgment ruined “really special” Seahawks – ProFootballTalk
Cornerback Richard Sherman spent the last seven seasons with the Seahawks, but his only appearance in Seattle this season will come as a member of their NFC West rivals from Northern California.

'Papa John' comes out firing against Roger Goodell
'I don’t want to do business with Roger Goodell, and we’ve had enough success where we get to pick who we do business with.'

Seahawks' Emmanuel Beal: In hunt for reserve role -
Seahawks' Emmanuel Beal: In hunt for reserve role

Homeless youth resource center raffling off Seahawks tickets to raise money | KIMA
YAKIMA, Wash. -- A local, homeless youth resource center is raffling off Seahawks tickets to raise money for their drop-in center.Rod's House will be at Wray's locations throughout the valley, every Sunday, until September 15th, selling $5 raffle tickets.T

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Wraps Up China Tour, Reflects on Football Growth

Richard Sherman’s Cornerback Summit, More NFL Offseason News |
The All-Pro DB, starting fresh with the 49ers after seven stellar seasons in Seattle, summoned the best at his position to study film and share trade secrets. Plus, unexpected fan reaction to a week of really bad NFL news, a shot at a preseason power ranking and more with training camps on the horizon

NFC West Q&A: Who will win the division? - NFL Nation- ESPN
The Rams won the NFC West in 2017 with the league's top offense. Repeating won't be nearly as easy.

Aaron Rodgers would 'love to play to 40' for Packers -
Aaron Rodgers' contract situation has been one of the major storylines of the offseason, and the quarterback says his "dream situation" would involve staying in Green Bay and playing until he's 40.

Le'Veon Bell, Steelers aren't optimistic about new deal -
Le'Veon Bell, Lamarcus Joyner, Ziggy Ansah and DeMarcus Lawrence seem set to play the 2018 season on the one-year tender. With hours before the deadline, we take a look at each player's situation.

Eagles' Darren Sproles says he'll play 'one more year' -
Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles writes in a blog post he plans to play "one more year" in 2018. Sproles saw his 2017 season derailed by a torn ACL.

Chris Long: Possible Patriots issues didn't affect play -
Eagles defensive end Chris Long doesn't believe the Patriots were dealing with issues that significantly affected them last season. "It took everything for us to beat them," in the Super Bowl, he says.

The Patriot Way has made its way to Michigan – ProFootballTalk
If the arrival of the "Do Your Job" mantra wasn't enough, the transformation of Lions players into say-nothing robots proves what many suspected would happen -- new coach Matt Patricia has brought the Patriot Way to Detroit. As explained by Robert Klemko of SI.

Malcolm Butler sees some Belichick in Mike Vrabel – ProFootballTalk
It's probably not an overstatement to say that Malcolm Butler is a Titan this year because of Bill Belichick. What's a bit surprising is how excited he is that his new coach so resembles his old one.

Al Riveron: New helmet rule won’t lead to “ejection-fest” – ProFootballTalk
The impact of the NFL's new rule regarding the use of the helmet will be closely watched once games start being played this year. The rule bars players from lowering their heads to initiate contact and NFL officiating head Al Riveron was clear that it covers everyone on the field "from offensive ...