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Seahawks players react to Kam Chancellor’s unofficial retirement statement

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

It’s all but certain that Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor will never play another NFL snap. In a statement written on Sunday, Chancellor indicated that the neck injury he suffered against the Arizona Cardinals is not healing as he’d hoped, and while he never explicitly used the word “retirement,” it reads as if he knows he can’t continue his career.

Chancellor has been with Seattle since 2010, earning regular defensive snaps in 2011, as the Legion of Boom began its rise to the top of the NFL. He was the leader of the pack, a fearsome hitter, and a physical freak who wreaked havoc on opposing offenses. Kam’s statement was sadly to be expected, as Pete Carroll’s usual optimism was nowhere to be found when asked in January about the future of Chancellor and Avril following their respective injuries.

Here’s how Seahawks players reacted on Twitter to Sunday’s announcement, and presumably there will be more throughout the week.