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A closer look at Nazair Jones

The Breakdown

With Seahawks training camp underway, keep your eyes on the lookout for at least one player in particular to breakout over the next season: Nazair Jones. No relation to the rapper who just released his 11th in studio album self titled “Nasir”; but the massive Nose Tackle out of North Carolina.

Jones showed flashes in his short 11 games on defense last season. With many new faces on the roster, especially along the defensive line, Jones development will play a key factor in the run-stopping defense which ranked 19th in the NFL last season.

Not quite the Seahawks standard if you catch my drift.

Jones is a 2 tech-two gapper who plays the 4 tech at times, meaning he guards two gaps until the runner declares a whole to run through. He’s no Sheldon Richardson at this point in his career obviously, but Jones has the potential to be a solid contributor on this team for years to come. He’s also a lot cheaper.

All Jones has to do to achieve that is to do his job, nothing more, nothing less. When you all watch the breakdown above, you’ll see Jones is sound with his hands, an area that could be used like magic once a defensive lineman masters them. Jones also hustles to the ball rather it’s sideline-to-sideline or deep down the field.

The future is bright for Jones, but just how bright?

All of us will have a better understanding of that question as the 2018-2019 season progresses week to week. Am I the only one that is glad to be talking about NFL football again? Lets hope not, enjoy the breakdown.

Oh wait. . . one more thing. For everyone that has asked me about my terminology ex; gaps, alignments, and assignments. Hopefully the diagram below can somewhat help out.

Peace and light . . . .