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Brandon Browner arrested

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Brandon Browner, who played with the Seattle Seahawks from 2011-2013 and helped them win a Super Bowl, was arrested on Sunday on a number of serious charges. Browner is facing kidnapping, grand theft auto, false imprisonment, burglary, and violation of a restraining order, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Browner was arrested on May 6 and spent two days in jail for battery and child endangerment charges. These latest charges could carry a significant amount of jail time, if convicted.

As a corner at Oregon State, Browner struggled with penalties and he entered the draft as a redshirt sophomore, going undrafted. The Denver Broncos signed him and loved his size and speed, but he was raw and a fractured arm cost him the chance of making the team as a rookie. That sent him to IR and eventually to the CFL for four years. When Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll saw that size and speed though he was giddy about the prospect of adding Browner, and did so before the 2011 season.

Browner made the Pro Bowl as a rookie after recording six interceptions, but soon his history of being in the NFL’s substance abuse program would become public knowledge. Browner first failed a drug test as a 20-year-old with Denver, so he said in an Instagram post last year. He missed required tests while he was playing in the CFL, which caused him to potentially face a year-long suspension in 2013. Said Browner last year:

“Felt like a prisoner like I was on parole or probation. I was 20 fucking yrs old when I failed my first test. And went to Canada and was thrown in the program because some made up rule. Because of the rule was the rule I should have never been back in the league. A missed test is considered a failed test. Well I was out the league 5 yrs and in Canada.”

Browner was suspended for four games in 2012, indefinitely in 2013, and for four games in 2014. He continued to be one of the most penalized football players in the league, just as he was at Oregon State.

After spending 2014 with the New England Patriots (and beating the Seahawks for another Super Bowl ring), he went to the New Orleans Saints in 2015. Browner returned to Seattle in 2016, but was waived and never returned to the NFL. That has apparently not been a good thing for Browner, as he’s been arrested at least four times in the last year.

He’s been arrested for drug charges, making criminal threats, and he was accused of an assault that did not result in charges. That came before the arrest for battery and finally Sunday’s chase that eventually resulted in him being taking on the serious charges listed above.

Browner turns 34 next month.