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Enemy Reaction Throwback Edition: Seahawks 3 Browns 6 (2011)

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

(Warning: Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised)

Last month, I did an Enemy Reaction throwback to the Seattle Seahawks’ first loss under Pete Carroll, a 31-14 thumping against the Denver Broncos. The purpose of that special was to highlight when Seattle was an actual bad team, which many analysts and NFL talking heads believe the Seahawks will be this season.

Well I have one more in store for you this month, and it’s undeniably one of the worst professional football games — honestly, one of the worst sporting events — I’ve ever watched. October 23rd, 2011 represents the last time a Seahawks backup quarterback started and played the entire game. Charlie Whitehurst filled in for the injured Tavaris Jackson, and Marshawn Lynch was also hurt during warm-ups, so Justin Forsett started in his place at running back. Oh yeah, and Max Unger was out, so Lemuel Jeanpierre was the starting center. On the other side, the Cleveland Browns were led by second-year QB Colt McCoy, in what proved to be his final season as a full-time starter.

Ladies and gentlemen... this game was rotten. Whitehurst and McCoy combined for 65 pass attempts and 228 net yards. Seattle possessed the ball for only 17 minutes and managed nine first-downs. Only one Seahawks offensive play gained more than 11 yards. Cleveland went 12/24 on 3rd down and STILL only scored six points. They didn’t have a single offensive play greater than 19 yards. Worst of all, Jim “Dirtbags!” Mora was the analyst for this NFL on FOX broadcast.

And yet, we are going to relive all of it just to see if there’s even comedic relief to be pulled from this disaster. Game thread comments courtesy of Field Gulls and Dawgs by Nature.

What... What the hell is this? (0-0)

Kam Chancellor gets called for roughing the passer (0-0)

Charlie Whitehurst gets strip-sacked, Browns recover and kick a field goal (3-0 CLE)

Colt McCoy gets picked off by David Hawthorne (3-0 CLE)

Leon Washington punt return touchdown wiped out due to VICIOUS block in the back by Kennard Cox (3-0)

Literally on the next play... what... how... why... I don’t even know. (3-0 CLE)

Charlie Whitehurst finds wide open Sidney Rice, Seahawks kick field goal because of course they did (3-3)


Red Bryant blocks his second field goal of the game with just three minutes left (6-3 CLE)

Charlie Whitehurst’s desperation throw on 4th and 15 falls incomplete (6-3 CLE)

Red Bryant gets ejected for headbutting TE Alex Smith on 3rd down stop, game over (6-3 CLE Final)

The full box score, if you dare.

Cleveland only won one more game the rest of the season, by the way. It was by far their most statistically dominant defensive display that year, and they finished 22nd in DVOA. Charlie Whitehurst did start the following week for the Seahawks, but was benched mid-game for Taravaris Jackson, and never threw another pass for Seattle after October 30th.

The next Enemy Reaction will be a best-of compilation for the 2017 season, and then hopefully we start off 2018 with an opening day win in Denver.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!