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Why the Seahawks should pay Earl Thomas

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The Glue.

The big elephant in the room is when and where will Earl Thomas show up? With the Seahawks preseason halfway to wrapping up there’s still no sign of the 5’10 202 lb free safety from Orange, Texas. Multiple “sources” have linked the best pound-for-pound playmaker to America’s Team for obvious reasons, but I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon.

The Cowboys would have to give up the house and then some in order for Seattle to even ponder the trade.

From my understanding no other NFL teams as of yet are willing to give what the Seahawks are asking for in-order to make the trade possible. We’ve seen this storyline for the last 30 years. The fact that the media blows it out of proportions every single year is annoying as hell. In this day in age, the players always show up.

And said player always forfeits tons of money for every game missed, plus fines.

Today’s generation of players aren’t built like the old school players who set the tone and stood for something. Not saying that Earl doesn’t stand for something, but Earl is smart and a businessman at that, so I don’t think he will miss too much of the season, trust me. He loves the game too much to sit out the entire year.

I’d bet my 2012 Tesla he’s watching every single practice not missing a beat.

Earl’s play hasn’t declined a bit and you can make an argument for him being the most important piece on the defensive side of the ball, a conversation that has been ongoing since the Legion of Boom was in it’s infancy. The way he plays and swarms to the ball is a thing of beauty. His anger, energy, heart, instincts, and passion you can feel pop through the television screen for real. I’ve never seen a player that plays with the heart and soul like he does in my 25 years of living.

Well Bob Sanders, of course, but it’s just different when I watch Earl play for some reason. I get goosebumps every time he flex’s after making a big play. Do I think the Seahawks will pay him more? Of course not. Should they? Yes, because it’s the right thing to do. But in business, there’s no such thing as right or wrong, it’s always about perspectives depending on what side you end up on.

I believe Seattle should also pay him whatever he’s asking for now because he’s the best at what he does. If they don’t sign him now he’s 99.9% sure to walk in free agency at season’s end and since Earl plays with a BIG chip on his shoulder don’t be surprised if he stays in the NFC West just to prove a point. Earl is that special. I believe Seattle should make an exception for him.

I know he’ll be 30 at the beginning of next season, which is the main reason why John Schneider is possibly slow playing David Mulugheta’s (Earl’s agent) demands. Schneider has to do right by Earl. If not for Earl, at least do right by the 12s. Schneider already released Richard Sherman, which was a move that I disagreed with, but Sherman was coming off a torn Achilles, so I understand it.

All in all, whenever and wherever Earl shows up, expect him to be in midseason form. Real football junkies know what to expect when #29 step in between those white lines. Duck for cover, wide receivers because he’s a head hunter.

Oh Wait, I might get fined for saying that.

Any who, Enjoy the breakdown #AstroWorld