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Watch every Michael Dickson punt against the Vikings

Michael Dickson wows nation

Before the draft, most of Seahawks nation had never heard of Michael Dickson. But now, with punt after punt he’s attracting the attention of fans and analysts from all over the country. With the prime time spotlight, Dickson absolutely placed nearly perfect punt after perfect punt giving the defense as much room to work with as you could possibly ask for.

We interrupt this punt-cast for a 55 yard Sebastian Janikowski bomb.

Through the game Dickson placed his punts with insane accuracy, giving the defense 86.6 yards to work with per drive and an average distance of 53.6 yards in the air and 4.86 seconds hang time. If Dickson can hold onto this pace, he would be placing about 7 yards deeper than league average. Given our model from last time, this would translate to 2.8 point per game reduction in points allowed by the defense versus average.

Dickson, already the highest graded punter of the preseason, certainly looks to be worth every bit of his fifth round selection. The special teams look special again.


Dickson, aware he out kicked his coverage in the final minutes of the game had this to say: