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Every Michael Dickson punt against the Broncos

Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Michael Dickson of the Seattle Seahawks and his MVPunter campaign appear to be completely on track with his record setting performance on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. Dickson averaged 59 yards per punt on six punts, an NFL record. His punts landed or were downed at a point on the field to average over 83 yards to go and were in the air for 4.295 seconds, of his six punts four of them were inside the 20 including two inside the 10 yard line. Still doubting that Dickson was worth a move up in the fifth round? Take a look at the punts for yourself.

Dickson’s hang time wasn’t as high on a lot of these punts, which given the thin Denver air was a bit surprising. But his ability to plant punts on the edge of the field and in a couple cases take the returner completely out of the equation is fantastic. As he gains more experience and control, having only played since 2015, can we only expect him to get better? Well, there’s a hell of a thought.