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Pete Carroll takes blame for Seahawks’ lopsided pass-run ratio

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks coaching staff vowed to commit to the run game throughout the offseason, and through two games... we’ve not really seen that.

Seahawks running backs have only rushed 33 times, while Brian Schottenheimer has dialed up 86 pass plays, with 69 attempted throws from Russell Wilson, 12 sacks, and 5 Wilson scrambles. In the flow of both the losses to the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears, the Seahawks were never behind by more than 14, so what gives?

Head coach Pete Carroll told media reporters to put the blame on him and his uh... lack of patience.

“Yeah, I would tell you that my...I’ll just take it. My impatience a little bit, you know,” Carroll said (via Tacoma News Tribune). “Figuring that we should be on the board more than we had and just got to throw the ball up more than I want to. I’m over that. Both games were so close throughout. We were close enough we could have done whatever we wanted to all the way down to the end of it. I just got a little bit impatient, threw the ball a bit more than we needed to.

“And so you look back and that’s with limited opportunities because we weren’t converting, it just kind of works together. I’m just owning up. But that’s what I would say is the issue with that. I need to be a little less impatient. I’m a little bit, tend to be that way, you know?”

Now when I say that Seahawks running backs have carried it 33 times, the trio of Chris Carson/Rashaad Penny/Mike Davis have only racked up 116 yards. In other words, the “improved Seahawks rushing attack” is as bad as it was last year. I find “establishing the run” to be a thing that shouldn’t exist, but the Seahawks offense is absolutely not built to thrive off of what is nearly a 4-to-1 pass-run ratio.

Schotty’s own presser involved the ever-quotable coach speak.

It looks like Carroll is somewhat covering for Brian by saying his impatience led to him intervening in Schottenheimer’s game calling. The third quarter of the Bears game saw the Seahawks pass it six straight times, for a gain of one yard. By the time they ran the ball again, they were behind 17-3 and in uptempo mode... the lack of a faster-paced offense is another storyline in itself.

Ideally the Seahawks offense finally finds a decent rhythm against the Dallas Cowboys, and maybe Chris Carson won’t magically disappear from the game due to a non-existent cardio concern.