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Hunt For Ram October: Seahawks say Farwell to pesky rivals

Second in a ten-part daily mini-series of rivalry highlights and lowlights

The Seattle Times

The 2013 Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl.

They also played like shit for an entire game and came away with a pretty big win. In Saint Louis, home of the Los Angeles Rams. Moment 9 on our 10-1 countdown to the Week 5 showdown is that game’s last next-to-last play.

(By the way, you’re trapped in a daily series that runs until Week 5’s showdown in Seattle between the Rams and Seahawks.)

I especially like this moment because it features one of the Seahawks’ bit players from their SB runs. This guy:

No! Not Percy Harvin. Number 55. Heath Farwell. He is easy to spot. He is the guy running faster than Harvin between the 40s. Because of course he is.

Number 9: You Only Have To Go To The Farwell Once

When: October 28, 2013. Week 8.

Game state: Seahawks 14, Rams 9. 0:27 remaining. Ball on SEA 1.

What happens: What happens is, nothing for the Rams offense, as Farwell hits Daryl Richardson at the line of scrimmage and Earl Thomas (PAY HIM) cleans up behind.

The film:

Fun fact: Farwell played one defensive snap in this entire victory. The one above. That’s it. Look for him, because he’s only on the screen for a second: first to the ball, gets low, stops the RB, and for his troubles he is sat on by Earl Thomas. Which, not the worst result of any play.

One snap. One tackle. One game-saving stop. If you’re reading, Heath (haha, who are we kidding, of course you are!), thank you for preserving this victory, and therefore home-field advantage in 2013. Without you, Heath, hell, let’s say it: there is no Tip by Richard Sherman, no Super Bowl XLVIII Lombardi in the Seahawks’ trophy case. You made this. Thank you.