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Michael Dickson is working on 60-yard dropkick field goals in practice

Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

It’s hard to turn down any opportunity to talk about Michael Dickson. Not just because of our own obsession with the rookie punter as Seahawks fans, but also because the punter from down unter keeps doing so many damn interesting things.

His punts are as consistently good as we’ve ever seen from a player at his position. (His shank came after a bad snap.) He can dropkick kickoff. And he even attempted a dropkick onside kick against the Chicago Bears. What’s next? Dickson told Q13 FOX in a special all about him that as soon as he heard that a dropkick through the uprights was worth three points, he started working on it.

And that he was hitting from 60 yards.

Dickson acknowledges that the rate of success on those kicks is likely going to be much different in a game situation, when the pressure is on and defenders are running at you, but it seems inevitable at this point that we’re going to see it eventually. Here’s the feature on Dickson, followed by a video detailing the history of rare dropkick field goal attempts.

In 2005, Doug Flutie had a dropkick PAT for the Patriots. The last NFL dropkick field goal or PAT attempt before that: 1941. The last successful dropkick field goal was 1937.