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Seahawks fire entire strength and conditioning coaching staff, head trainer Donald Rich

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Apparently it isn’t just Chris Carlisle who is on the Seattle Seahawks chopping block.

Following Wednesday’s report that Carlisle, the team’s longtime head strength and conditioning coach, would not return for the 2019 season, it’s since been reported that his assistants are also gone, as is head trainer Donald Rich.

Curtis Crabtree wrote on Thursday that in addition to Carlisle, assistant S&C coaches Mondray Gee and Jamie Yanchar are out. Gee was with the Green Bay Packers and brought on by GM John Schneider in 2010, while both Carlisle and Yanchar have been with Carroll dating back to Pete’s days at USC.

The most tenured staff member is actually Donald Rich, who’s been with Seattle since the Mike Holmgren era, including on the NFC Championship winning 2005 squad. He was an assistant athletic trainer back then, but was promoted to head trainer in 2012. Now he joins Carlisle, Gee, and Yanchar in the unemployment line, as the Seahawks overhaul that aspect of the staff.