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Russell Wilson has more Pro Bowls than we thought

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NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC vs AFC Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When Pro Bowl rosters were announced for 2019, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was only listed as an alternate. Despite a franchise record 35 touchdowns, 8.1 yards per attempt, a career-high 110.9 passer rating, and one of the best TD% marks that the league has ever seen, Wilson couldn’t quite crack the top 3 in the NFC. Oh well. On Wednesday, it was announced that Wilson’s meaningful play would in fact be needed in a meaningless game, when his “alternate” tag came in handy as he’ll be replacing Aaron Rodgers. Even we here at Field Gulls said that it was Wilson’s fifth Pro Bowl.

Thanks to a madman, we can now officially call it his sixth.

Wilson Twitter fanatic Sam HawkBadger finally ended his pursuit of the truth regarding the Pro Bowl in the 2014 season, when Wilson was again listed as an alternate but his availability was impossible thanks to the Seahawks getting their call to the Super Bowl that year. Pro-Football-Reference didn’t credit Wilson with a Pro Bowl for 2014 and different sites were split on what the real number was. Again: none of this actually matters. But if you’d like to tell folks about how Wilson has been a Pro Bowl in six of his first seven seasons — only two other QBs in history are credited with that accomplishment, though this is news courtesy of the aforementioned PFR, which has yet to update their own records, Johnny Unitas and Norm Van Brocklin — you might be able to do that now.

Sam emailed the NFL for an answer and the response confirmed that yes, Wilson was a Pro Bowler for the 2014 season:

As of now, PFR still only lists Wilson with four Pro Bowls. It’s safe to assume they’ll update their 2018 record, but how about their 2014? We’ll see, but rest assured that Sam has already let them know.