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Video: NFL ranks Russell Wilson’s top ten plays of 2018

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Kansas City Chiefs v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Russell Wilson had another phenomenal season for the Seattle Seahawks. If 2015 is his masterpiece, then 2018 is not too far off. He had a career-high in touchdown passes (35), tied a career-low in interceptions (7), and was insanely efficient given his lack of pass attempts on the year. compiled a video of what they believed to be Wilson’s top ten plays from this season. It’s all subjective, but are you really going to complain about watching Russell highlights? Of course not.

If you can’t play the video or just plain don’t want to, here’s the order:

10.) Sideline toss to Tyler Lockett in the playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

9.) Deep touchdown to Tyler Lockett for 52 yards in the home win over the San Francisco 49ers.

8.) That insane 4th and 6 conversion to Doug Baldwin in the Cowboys playoff game, on what would be Seattle’s only meaningful touchdown drive on the day.

7.) Scramble out of the pocket, extending the play, and finding David Moore for his first career NFL touchdown in the home loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

6.) Dropping the snap, picking it up, throwing a touchdown to David Moore in the blowout win over the Oakland Raiders in London.

5.) The effective game-winning throw to Tyler Lockett at the Carolina Panthers.

4.) The 2nd and 19 deep pass to Doug Baldwin, who made a one-handed catch at the 1-yard line in Seattle’s playoff-clinching win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

3.) His season-long 40-yard run in the Seahawks’ Monday Night Football victory against the Minnesota Vikings.

2.) The absurd 45-yard bomb to Tyler Lockett on the same drive as the Baldwin catch in the Chiefs game.

1.) 4th and 3, game (season?) on the line, Wilson throws a perfect pass to David Moore for 35 yards and the game-tying touchdown against the Panthers.

It’s amazing how that running game and defense were able to make Wilson do all of those incredible plays, isn’t it?