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Does John Schneider have a thing for wide receivers from Kansas State

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NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With only the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl left before the 2018 NFL season comes to a close, fans of the Seattle Seahawks have long since turned their attention to the upcoming frenzies of free agency and the draft. Obviously there are a lot of internal matters which the team could address in the coming weeks, including potentially retaining their own free agents such as Frank Clark (gonna do it), Justin Coleman (highly probable) and Earl Thomas (not happening), but in the meantime we get to speculate wildly about how a bunch of college kids who have never played a snap in the NFL are going to come in and contribute in a major way in 2019.

To that end, Field Gulls film breakdown master Matty F. Brown is in Mobile for the Senior Bowl this week taking an early gander at some of the players who could have their names called by the Seahawks in Nashville in April. However, in the meantime we get to speculate wildly while we wait for the underwear Olympics in Indianapolis at the end of February.

As we wait, we are left to fill our time watching highlights and gobbling up the bits of news that dribble out here and there. On that note, yesterday the following clip of multiple receivers at Kansas State University was posted to Twitter, and it of course includes the Hawks 2018 breakout star, Tyler Lockett. However, Tyler isn’t the only Lockett in the tape, as it also includes some highlights of both his uncle, Aaron Lockett, and his dad, Kevin Lockett.

It also includes multiple other players who have found some level of success in the NFL, including names such as Jordy Nelson, Brandon Banks and Quincy Morgan. However, in watching the string of highlights and the names that come through, one thing that jumps out is how many of these Wildcat receivers have ties to Hawks GM John Schneider.

Schneider, of course, was involved in the selection of the aforementioned Tyler Lockett in 2015 by the Seahawks, but Tyler wasn’t the first receiver Schneider tried to bring to Seattle from K-State. Two years prior to selecting Lockett in the third round, Schneider had used a fourth round pick to draft Chris Harper. Harper never caught on at any of his stops with various NFL teams, but it grabbed my attention and forced me to watch the clip all the way to the finish. In the video, there are 13 different receivers shown, and John Schneider was involved with the drafting of four of them.

In reverse order of the selections, the following are the ones in which Schneider was involved:

  • Tyler Lockett, 2015, Seattle Seahawks (3.69 - 2015)
  • Chris Harper, 2013, Seattle Seahawks (4.123 - 2013)
  • Jordy Nelson, 2008, Green Bay Packers (2.36 - 2008)
  • Kevin Lockett, 1997, Kansas City Chiefs (2.47 - 1997)

That is certainly interesting, but what is even more remarkable is that many of the receivers shown in the video went undrafted. The names that were not drafted are the following:

  • Byron Pringle
  • Curry Sexton
  • Tramaine Thompson
  • Brandon Banks
  • James Terry

That leaves just four other receivers in the video who were drafted, and those were:

  • Taco Wallace - Seattle Seahawks (7.224 - 2003)
  • Aaron Lockett - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7.254 - 2002)
  • Quincy Morgan - Cleveland Browns (2.33 - 2001)
  • Darnell McDonald - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7.240 - 1999)

That puts it in a situation where ten separate wide receivers out of Kansas State have been drafted in the past twenty five years, and John Schneider has been involving in the drafting of four of them. Now, there aren’t slated to be any receivers from K-State in the draft this spring, but it’s certainly an interesting tidbit to store away in the back of the big brain on Brad, and gives us something else to think about as we whittle away the months until training camp opens in July. (Which should be in twenty weeks and one day, in case you were wondering.)