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Seaside Chats: John Gilbert talks Seahawks cap room, Kam Chancellor, and more

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

A new episode of Seaside Chats for Patreon supporters! This week our own John Gilbert talks the Seahawks cap situation and more for 2019. Follow him on Twitter. Apologies for the echo, we are working on fixing these issues, which is why there is a Patreon to begin with. There is no echo on John’s end. The audio is not good when I’m talking but luckily John talks most of the time since I am the one interviewing him. It won’t happen again. First up, what we discussed, then find the link below!


Mark Glowinski. Why did Seahawks waive him? Did he sell himself short?

The ability or desire to re-sign J.R. Sweezy and D.J. Fluker

How the 2020 CBA will affect free agency in 2019

What’s the deal with releasing Kam Chancellor?

Do the Seahawks actually have much money to play with?

Frank Clark and the franchise tag

What will the safety market look like for Earl Thomas?

Mychal Kendricks or KJ Wright?

Previewing the Super Bowl

How well do the Rams setup for the near and long-term future?

Episode is available to Patreon supporters at the $2 and up level: