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Former Seahawks quarterback Jon Kitna talking about playing quarterback

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Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the time until the final game of the 2018 NFL season now able to be counted in hours rather than weeks, it’s time to get ready for the offseason. This offseason will be a little bit different, however, as there are multiple minor league football organizations that are setting up shop hoping to take a piece of the action.

The largest of these, and the one most fans have likely heard of is the Alliance of American Football, which is scheduled to start playing games the weekend following the Super Bowl. However, there are plenty of other leagues vying for your attention as well. Whether that’s the four team A-League, an arena league in Southwest Florida, the National Gridiron League or any of the other minor league teams that are out there.

Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Jon Kitna, who had been slated to be the offensive coordinator of the San Diego Fleet, one of the teams in the AAF. However, just weeks before the scheduled start of the AAF season Kitna accepted a position with the Dallas Cowboys to become their quarterbacks coach.

Kitna, of course, started his NFL career with the Seahawks back in the 1990s before going on to play for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys. In any case, Kitna never enjoyed much success during his playing days, retiring with almost as many interceptions in his career (169) as touchdown passes (165). However, following his departure from the San Diego Fleet earlier in January, video was released of Kitna from a quarterback coaching clinic several years ago.

There are a series of five short videos, none of which is more than a couple minutes long, and offers a tiny glimpse into quarterback mechanics and how youngsters are coached to play the position. The videos touch on subjects that have become familiar to many Hawks fans, including mechanics, footwork, caution and are interesting enough to warrant watching.

Some will find this interesting, while others will not. What this is, however, is a foundation upon which an entire series next week that will go through pass protection and the quarterback’s role in it. The mechanics, the footwork, the drop depth and all the other little things add up to play a major role in the pass protection scheme, which goes far beyond just the offensive line, and this just skims the surface on the importance of the mechanics of a quarterback.