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Seaside Chats: Post-mortem on the 2018 Seattle Seahawks

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you so much for your continued support of Field Gulls. This is my eighth season of writing for the site and in 2018 we did numbers in page views and unique visitors that go way beyond anything we’ve seen before.

That’s thanks to the great, hard-working staff we have here and to you for consistently coming to the site, sharing our articles, talking about and sharing our work with others, and seeing several of our own writers go on to other positions in NFL writing such as Ben Baldwin and Sam Gold. I speak for everyone here when I say we very much appreciate your continued support and it makes the day-in, day-out, first-thing-I-do-in-the-morning/last-thing-I-do-at-night contributions all worth it.

It’s unfortunate that the Seahawks saw their season come to an end on Saturday night, but I’m grateful that they gave us one more game to cover and I see a very bright future ahead in 2019. Onto the Patreon podcast ... And this one is free to listen to, so please check it out!

It’s another Instant Reaction/Post-mortem on the Seattle Seahawks as their 2018 season concludes with 24-22 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in the wild card round. In this episode, I go on at length about what went wrong against the Cowboys, the problems on the offensive line, what changes could or should be made in the offseason, the 2019 free agents, how much cap space the Seahawks have, what do in the draft, if Brian Schneider should be fired as special teams coach, plus a whole lot more in this hour and nine minutes long edition of the show. Finally, things wrap up with a positive outlook on the season and the near future for the franchise!

This show is available to listen to on Patreon for free and is sponsored by Injury Legal Center.


Also, we had a winner in our Footbottle competition but so far the winner has not responded to my email! So we might have to choose a new winner. If you’d like to support the show or the work being done here at Field Gulls, you can do so at the Patreon. Supporters at the $2/month level get all of the podcast episodes for free plus access to giveaways and prizes.