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Arizona Cardinals expected to hire Kliff Kingsbury as head coach

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals were arguably even worse than expected in 2018, finishing 3-13 and sporting the NFL’s worst offense by some distance. Unsurprisingly, Steve Wilks was canned after just one season as head coach, and with Josh Rosen chosen to be Arizona’s franchise quarterback, they’re apparently going to turn to Kliff Kingsbury, the former Texas Tech head coach.

Kingsbury was actually hired as USC’s offensive coordinator last month after Texas Tech fired him due to just a 35-40 record over six seasons. Apparently USC was blocking him from doing interviews with the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals, but it seems as if he got around it by resigning from his position.

While he’s not managed a lot of win-loss record success in college, Kingsbury was head coach when Patrick Mahomes starred for the Red Raiders, and he coached Baker Mayfield before he transferred to Oklahoma. Texas Tech was consistently one of the highest scoring teams in NCAA Division I FBS, but of course they had no semblance of defense even by Big XII standards. With the NFL geared more towards passing offense than ever before, often to the point of running a lot of concepts we see in college football, it’s opened the door for guys like Kingsbury to be hot commodities as NFL head coaches.