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Enemy Reaction 2019: Arizona Cardinals

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Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks took care of business on the road, avoiding serious injury and cruising to a 27-10 win over the very bad Arizona Cardinals. If the margin of victory didn’t satisfy you enough, maybe consider that last year’s team needed last-second field goals to win both matchups against a 3-13 Arizona team.

Because it was an easy day at the office and this game was boring and largely incident-free, I don’t have a lot to work with for this Enemy Reaction. I promise you it’ll be a loaded show if the Seahawks beat the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday. What I’m providing here is the appetizer, it’s just up to the Seahawks to deliver the main course.

And don’t worry, the Rams get some space in this one.

Cardinals comments come courtesy of Revenge of the Birds.

Jadeveon Clowney with the pick six! (10-0 SEA)

David Johnson gets a big gain on a middle screen (10-0 SEA)

You cannot stop Will “The Thrill” Dissly! (17-3 SEA)

Zane Gonzalez misses his second field goal (17-3 SEA)

After series of Seahawks penalties, Kyler Murray runs QB draw for a touchdown (20-10 SEA)

Wilson to Willson - Reunited! (20-10 SEA)

Good call, Cards fan! (20-10 SEA)

C.J. Prosise touchdown vultures Chris Carson, ices the game (27-10 SEA Final)

Post-Game: Kyler Murray is still taking bad sacks (Scott Allen, Raising Zona)

It is his fourth game in and Murray still hasn’t learned how to throw a ball away. He took a bad sack in the first half as he did each of the last three weeks.

When things unravel, he is trying to scramble his way out of them. While his legs can get him places, he can’t out-run everyone. Those defensive lineman are much faster than many think.

Murray needs to throw the ball away when he is under pressure and also understand where he is on the field. He almost stepped out of the back of the end zone in the third quarter when being chased. However that was the one time he did manage to throw the ball away.

He also needs to know game situations. On the last play of the game he took a sack instead of just throwing it up for grabs in the end zone. What’s the worst that will happen, it gets intercepted? If he’s worried about a turnover there, then he’s only thinking about himself.

Post-Game: Steve Keim should be nervous about his job security (Kent Somers, Arizona Republic)

General Manager Steve Keim, has made mistake after mistake, especially when it comes to drafting good players.

Cardinals fans prefer Keim to be escorted out by security now, although that serves little purpose. But if there is no significant improvement, cardboard boxes should await Keim when he reports to work on Dec. 30, the date after the season ends.

The Cardinals are headed toward having a top five pick in the 2020 draft, and do they really want the man who took Jonathan Cooper, Haason Reddick and Robert Nkemdiche in the first round running that one, too?

The Cardinals’ record in Keim’s first three years on the job (34-14) warranted him trying to fix the problems that resulted in last year’s 3-13 record. But the Cardinals have won just three of their past 20 games, and with each week, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Keim’s effort is failing.

Enemy Preaction: Los Angeles Rams

Beat the Rams. That’s all I ask.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!