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Russell Wilson completes another comeback

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

After Sunday’s 32-28 win over the Cleveland Browns, I knew I wanted to go to Pro-Football-Reference and do a game play finder search for the last time Seattle trailed by 14+ on the road. The answer wasn’t surprising to me because as this season goes on the comparisons to 2013 are piling on by the week.

The last time the Seahawks trailed by 14+ on the road and won was September 29, 2013, the Richard Sherman pick-6 win over the Houston Texans. That Seahawks team did not blow everyone away. That Seahawks team was not as week-to-week dominant as we may remember. They needed a 21-0 comeback at home vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that season. They didn’t play well every week. They needed some comebacks.

That seems to be especially true to open 2019.

Seattle is 5-1 but Sunday was their fourth comeback victory of the season. The Seahawks trailed the Cincinnati Bengals after three quarters. They trailed the Pittsburgh Steelers at halftime. They were down for most of the fourth quarter against the LA Rams. And this week, the Seahawks trailed 7-0, 20-6, and finally 28-25 with nine minutes remaining.

Russell Wilson and Chris Carson then drove 79 yards and took the lead with 3:30 remaining. As you know, they held on. Wilson’s three fourth quarter comebacks are the most in the NFL this season and his three game-winning drives are matched only by Buffalo’s Josh Allen. Wilson had two fourth quarter comebacks in each of the last two seasons and his career high is four.

14-point road comebacks are rare.

The last time previous to 2013 that Seattle did it was 2006, a 30-28 win over the St. Louis Rams in which they trailed 21-7 at halftime and 28-27 with 1:44 on the clock. Before that was 2003, a 24-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers in which they trailed 14-0 midway through the second quarter.

Being behind on the road may seem like a bad thing (certainly not a good thing) but when you’re a team that trails away from home and gets back with a win, that is good. The Seahawks went to the playoffs in 2003, 2006, and 2013.

They’ve got a great hard start in 2019.