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Report: Dan Quinn’s tenure as Falcons head coach could end after Seahawks game

Atlanta Falcons v Houston Texans Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Dan Quinn was the defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks for only two seasons before he left to become head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

It looks like he may not have been ready.

Before the season began, Quinn was a potential firing by the end of 2019. Now, it appears he might not make it past the halfway point. Rumors are swirling that Quinn could be fired heading into Atlanta’s bye week. The Falcons have two more games - one against the Los Angeles Rams, followed by the Seahawks - before their bye to open up November. Ian Rapoport is reporting that may be the time when Atlanta shakes up their leadership.

Dan Quinn is also the defensive coordinator for the Falcons, which would make the extra week ideal for giving any staff changes time to get up to speed.

That defensive coordinator piece is probably what will get Quinn sacked, whenever it ends up happening. Consider:

Dan Quinn’s hot seat is not much of a secret. NFL insider John Clayton has said for about a week that Quinn’s situation is precarious, and the most recent game possibly made things even worse for Quinn.

The Falcons simply have too good of a roster to continue losing to bad teams. Especially considering the money currently being shelled out to QB Matt Ryan and WR Julio Jones.

Atlanta opened with a 55.7% win probability over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6. Despite a 350 yard, 4 TD performance from Matt Ryan, the Falcons gave up 34 points and the first ever road win to the Kyler Murray Cardinals. The same Cardinals who boast a -37 point differential, better than only six teams in the entire league.

The Seahawks actually had a good defense under Dan Quinn, so it’s a bit surprising that things went so wrong in Atlanta. It’s perhaps a big testament to the tutelage of defensive minded Pete Carroll, which Quinn is now obviously lacking.