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All-22 Musings: Eye-catching plays from the Seahawks victory over the Browns

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

A comeback authored by Russell Wilson, turnovers from the defense and another dominant performance from the tailback; the Seahawks went on the road in Week 6 and delivered a vintage performance against the Browns to improve to 5-1. Seattle fought against bizarre circumstances and mistakes which cost them explosive plays to win in Cleveland, and though certain areas—the pass rush in particular—didn’t play to standards, it was a Seahawks performance worth diving into.

[SEA 3-2 CLV 42] (10:34) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass short left to DK. Metcalf to CLV 12 for 30 yards (T. Carrie)

Of course, DK Metcalf’s run after the catch was tremendous, as he showed off the raw strength and physicality that makes him so tantalizing. But similar to his first career target, what is really promising is what comes before the catch. Metcalf’s stutter-step off the line is largely ineffective, but the final jab step to the left sells the sideline route enough to create separation. Once it all comes together for Metcalf, he is going to be an impossible cover.

[CLV 1-10 SEA 41] (6:41) (No Huddle, Shotgun) B. Mayfield pass short left to J. Landry to SEA 38 for 3 yards (T. Thompson)

Tedric Thompson, and subsequently Pete Carroll, have drawn a lot of criticism this season surrounding Thompson’s play. However, this play neatly summarizes why Carroll continues to believe in Thompson: The safety makes a minor adjustment pre-snap, then breaks on the ball well before it’s released. He read it perfectly and contained Jarvis Landry for a minimal gain on a great play by Thompson. (Both the pre-snap steps, and the certainty with which he broke on it, makes me believe this play is 100 percent a result of film study by Thompson).

[CLV 1-10 SEA 11] (5:32) (No Huddle, Shotgun) N. Chubb right guard to SEA 10 for 1 yard (Q. Jefferson)

Nothing more than a helluva play from one of the most improved Seahawks in 2019, as Quinton Jefferson corrects his first few steps, sheds the blocker and makes the stop at the line of scrimmage on a running back who is very hard to bring down on first contact.

[SEA 2-10 SEA 25] (4:39) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass short right to D. Moore to SEA 36 for 11 yards (T. Mitchell)

This ball from Russell Wilson is thrown with excellent timing, anticipation and placement. Every week, Wilson and Moore display a great connection—and Wilson’s trust in him. Moore is a part of the team’s three wide receiver set of the future, and Wilson’s faith in him is a big reason why.

[SEA 2-7 SEA 39] (3:22) R. Wilson pass short middle to C. Carson ran ob at CLV 40 for 21 yards (J. Schobert). Penalty on CLV-T. Mitchell, Illegal Contact, declined

An absolutely perfect angle to see the way Chris Carson renders Mack Wilson’s angle—which wasn’t bad!—useless, simply because Carson is the superior athlete.

[CLV 1-10 SEA 31] (15:00) B. Mayfield pass deep right to R. Seals-Jones for 31 yards, TOUCHDOWN

The touchdown will overshadow it, but this is a great rep from Shaquill Griffin, who sticks on Odell Beckham’s hip 30 yards downfield, taking away Baker Mayfield’s second read. We’ll see Griffin again in this space, but a great snap from him here that will go largely unnoticed.

[SEA 2-22 SEA 13] (13:28) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass deep left to T. Lockett ran ob at SEA 33 for 20 yards [L. Ogunjobi]. PENALTY on CLV-L. Ogunjobi, Roughing the Passer, 15 yards, enforced at SEA 33

A few things worth noticing here, as Wilson bails Seattle out of a largely self-created 2nd and 22:

1. George Fant struggled at left tackle, and was beaten almost immediately here—one of the eight pressures he allowed against the Browns.

2. The way Wilson’s able to just flick his wrist and dink-and-dunk a pass some 20 yards is special, and completely taken for granted.

3. What an adjustment by Tyler Lockett.

[SEA 2-3 CLV 45] (12:39) (Shotgun) C. Carson left guard to CLV 22 for 23 yards (D. Randall)

We can, quite comfortably, anoint Carson as the successor to Doug Baldwin as the Seahawks’ official ankle-breaker. At least once a game, Carson makes a cut that makes you react aloud. This was the one in Week 6.

[SEA 2-17 CLV 27] (9:23) R. Wilson pass short right to DK. Metcalf to CLV 8 for 19 yards (D. Randall)

It’s hard to take umbrage with the way Seattle is deploying Metcalf, and handling his development, but it’ll be a welcome addition to see him targeted over the middle of the field more often moving forward. He crosses it in a hurry, and looks great doing so. Again, once it comes together for him—it’s over.

[SEA 3-3 SEA 46] (5:14) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass incomplete deep left to C. Prosise

This incomplete pass is one I hope the Seahawks go back to later on in the season. It’s a well drawn up pick play to get C.J. Prosise’s defender on his back, but Wilson can’t connect. This has big play potential, though, so it would be great to see Brian Schottenheimer go back to it later on—regardless of the intended target.

[CLV 2-10 SEA 28] (2:59) B. Mayfield pass short left to N. Chubb to SEA 22 for 6 yards (K. Wright; J. Clowney)

Yet another play that is a blast to zero in on Clowney for. His awareness and range from EDGE really is unique, and there are several times a game where it pops in a major way. There’s absolutely no reason for a player his size to be able to track down Chubb with the ease he shows.

[CLV 2-8 SEA 10] (1:36) (No Huddle) B. Mayfield pass deep right intended for J. Landry INTERCEPTED by T. Thompson (Sq. Griffin) at SEA -6. T. Thompson pushed ob at SEA 12 for 18 yards (O. Beckham)

Griffin was close to his first interception of the 2019 season here, but that does not take away from what was marvelous coverage. The way he recovered, and broke on the ball, at the end created a turnover—regardless of if it was him or not. Griffin continues to ascend in a season that should end in him being a Pro-Bowler.

[SEA 1-Goal CLV 8] (6:50) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass incomplete short left to M. Turner. PENALTY on CLV-T. Carrie, Defensive Pass Interference, 5 yards, enforced at CLV 8 - No Play

Some flags are self-created, some are seemingly born out of thin air, and some, well sometimes a flag is your best option. That was the case here for T.J. Carrie, after a wicked route from Malik Turner left him with no choice but to reach out and grab him on the way by.

[SEA 3-Goal CLV 6] (6:06) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass short middle to J. Brown for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN

Wilson capped off the drive called by himself with this absolute bullet over the middle of the field for Jaron Brown. Everything that went into this touchdown—the pocket movement, the placement on the throw, and the throw itself—was excellent. Can’t go without mentioning the protection from Germain Ifedi and Fant, either, who both held up well on this play.

[CLV 2-2 SEA 22] (:24) N. Chubb left guard to SEA 22 for no gain (J. Clowney)

A bad idea: Asking a tight end to block Clowney one-on-one.

A really bad idea: Asking a tight end to pull off a reach block on Clowney one-on-one.

The result comes as a surprise to nobody, but it is a joy to watch.

[CLV 2-3 SEA 13] (13:21) B. Mayfield pass short right to N. Chubb to SEA 12 for 1 yard (P. Ford)

It’s anyone’s best guess as to where Poona Ford will end up ranking among 1-techs by the end of the season, but we can say with certainty that there will not be any with a highlight reel as satisfying as Ford’s. His ability to move laterally, and make plays moving towards the sideline, is endlessly joyous to see.

[SEA 2-8 CLV 40] (7:02) C. Carson right tackle to CLV 26 for 14 yards (D. Ekuale)

Two weeks ago, I wrote that once a game, Mike Iupati is pulled across the line and delivers a great block. None of them have been quite like this. Iupati is a perfect scheme fit in Seattle, and they should pull him more often than they do.

The Seahawks will turn their focus to the most anticipated return since, well, last season and Richard Sherman, when Earl Thomas’s Ravens come to CenturyLink Field in Week 7.