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This is what Marshawn Lynch, Drew Brees, other NFL players were paid for an XBox commercial

Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Hosts FAM 1st FAMILY FOUNDATION Charity Event at The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, WA Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for 1st Family Foundation

Many of you may have already heard this since this week’s episode of Goofballs immediately became our most-listened to episode yet. But I wanted to highlight something that Josh Brekhus said that instantly had me going, “Wow. You NEVER hear this stuff revealed.” But Josh — an actor and improviser out of Los Angeles who did a series of X-Box commercials with Marshawn Lynch and other NFL athletes — said that he’s not really doing a ton of commercials anymore anyways, so he had nothing to lose by revealing the truth about what he and the NFL players were paid.

For Brekhus, he was paid $7,000 to sit with athlete after athlete over a series of days for ads that ran extensively. When they brought him back the next year, his pay was bumped to $9,000. This is great for a few days of work, but remember that actors often only get a few days of work per year as an actor. And Josh also revealed that he was the replacement for Adam Levine, who wanted $2 million apparently.

But being on the project for four years, Brekhus also knew how much the NFL players were paid and it’s not as much as you may think. Though it’s a great payday for a few hours of work, the athletes like Marshawn Lynch, Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and Antonio Brown, were paid $60,000. Their likenesses are worth more than Josh and me and you, but it’s a little surprising they’d do it for that much given that many players make $60,000 per quarter. Or per play if you’re Brees. (Maybe. Not calculated.)

The reason you didn’t see Rob Gronkowski in any of the ads: He reportedly wanted about double that, $120,000. The NFL had all the leverage though because they have so many players to choose from, so they just went to whoever would do it for $60,000.

To hear that and everything else about this Marshawn story, listen to Goofballs in the Soundcloud link below. You can listen to the whole thing or just the Marshawn story, which starts at 34:30.

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