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Seahawks FanPulse, Week 7: Fans seem apprehensive despite 5-1 record

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Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Cleveland Browns on the road last week but fans are not eager to overrate their 5-1 record. The #FanPulse votes came in for the confidence in the team and for the second week in a row the number sat at 82%. Two weeks ago, it was 79%, so things have remained steady in spite of three straight wins.

The opponent this week is the Baltimore Ravens and fans over there are not too pleased — and the Ravens are also standing well at 4-2. Confidence is at 62% after it was near 100 for most of the summer and the opening of the season.

As far as the national poll this week — “Head Coach of the Year so far” — Pete Carroll of course did not get inclusion. Why would he? Second-most wins since 2010, two Super Bowl appearances, a 5-1 record for a team that many expected to be 3-3 or 2-4. Why consider Carroll when Pat Shurmur is 2-4 with the New York Giants?

Obviously some joke votes were cast for Shurmur, but Kyle Shanahan was the runaway victor after leading the San Francisco 49ers to a 5-0 start. And if Carroll wins the division over Shanahan, you know who the votes will go to next.

Not Carroll.

Don’t forget that you can signup to be a FanPulse voter! Get involved in the votes! This was an idea that started right here at Field Gulls with yours truly so be a part of the action with me!