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In 2019, Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson stand alone

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Through four weeks only Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson have a quarterback rating over 100 in every single game.

Quarterback rating is that system of evaluating a quarterback’s success over the course of a game, on a convenient scale of 0-158.3.

If you want a refresher as to how it works, you can read the whole Wikipedia page on this blessed stat.

Or there’s always the cliff notes version:

It’s a ridiculous, vague, and uninformative metric, but at least it’s the same ridiculous, vague, metric that ESPN so conveniently puts right next to every single quarterback’s name. Therefore, consistency is actually the best element of passer rating.

Yards, completions, touchdowns and interceptions do not affect a game equally. To have a stat that throws them all in a pot and divides by six is the equivalent of trying to build a bridge by using sticks, PVC pipe, and i-beams, all because they happen to be the same length.

But take that nonsensical new math, apply it to every single quarterback over four weeks, and out come Mahomes and Wilson.

Nobody else has posted a 100-plus rating in each of their games to date. Not Tom Brady, not Aaron Rodgers, not Philip Rivers. Not even Ben Roethlisberger or Drew Brees were on that pace before they got injured. Gardner Minshew is getting pretty close, which really says quite a bit about his potential in the NFL.

A passer rating of 100 is by no means a truly spectacular game, but it’s well above average—Wilson’s 32-of-50 with two touchdowns got him a 102 rating against the Saints.

The bottom line is by standards of general football performance (yards, touchdowns and the like), and consistency (four games apiece), Wilson and Mahomes are off to the NFL’s best start. If Wilson leads the Seahawks to a win against the L.A. Rams this Thursday, then we’ll have to start talking end-of-year hardware.