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Pete Carroll once again makes a poor choice on 4th down

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The score is 13-13 and the Seattle Seahawks have 4th and 3 from the Baltimore Ravens’ 36-yard line.

It’s a rainy day and while there’s no wind, that’s still a long field goal in less than ideal conditions for Jason Myers.

You could go for it and try to keep the drive going in order to score a touchdown. You could punt the ball and pin the Ravens deep (a bad idea, but still!). You could kick a field goal that is low-percentage and would definitely gift the Ravens a short field.

Guess which call Pete Carroll made?

Myers missed wide right and the Ravens turned this into a touchdown. John Harbaugh could’ve kicked a field goal on 4th and 2 from the 8-yard line, but instead called a timeout and went for it. Lamar Jackson easily scored on the next play.

That’s the type of conservative decision-making that gets you beat. It is almost a carbon copy of the end of 1st half against the Los Angeles Rams. Carroll skipped out on a 4th and 1 from a short distance, Myers missed, and the Rams scored a touchdown right before halftime.

Myers needs to be held accountable for his unimpressive start to the season, but Carroll has put him in very difficult situations to succeed. There’s no guarantee that the Seahawks offense converts on 4th and 3, but I’d rather trust my supposed MVP quarterback to gain three yards over a kicker who has to make a 50+ yarder in the rain. If you fail, you live with the result, but at least you were aggressive. Instead, you get a ten-point swing, Seattle never recovered.

Oh yes, and he wasn’t done with bad 4th down calls. This was Seattle’s final offensive possession within one-score. Carroll trusted his defense, which proceeded to get bulldozed for the slow, painful L.

Matty F. Brown literally just wrote about Carroll’s questionable 4th down choices, and he proceeded to go the conservative route yet again.

It was only fitting that Seattle’s 30-16 loss ended with Carroll kicking another field goal instead of going for it on 4th and 5 deep in Ravens territory. Even in garbage time, Carroll took the hardest possible route to a three-score comeback.

There’s not much more that needs to be said. Carroll was thoroughly outcoached by John Harbaugh.