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Seaside Reactions: What the Seahawks loss to the Ravens really meant to me

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Baltimore Ravens at home on Sunday and I hopped on the podcast once again to react to it.

I talk about Russell Wilson’s stat line, Pete Carroll’s decisions, the likelihood that today’s standings won’t reflect the end-of-season standings, two mistakes that don’t necessary reflect future outcomes, and what’s ahead as the Seahawks go on the road in Week 8 to potentially end Dan Quinn’s rainy tenure as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Plus I give away another $25 gift card to Pizza Hut!

Listen to the Episode Here

Seaside Reactions is a weekly podcast about the Seahawks in which I give my thoughts to anyone* who wants to hear them. *Seaside Reactions is a Patreon podcast available to anyone at the $2/month level. Why Patreon? Well, it’s 2019 and a gig economy. It does come out to less than .50 cents per episode and you can download it straight onto your iTunes just like any other podcast!

Plus, I give away stuff all the time. If you don’t have $2/month though, no worries. There’s plenty of other Seahawks content — and podcasts! — available. This just happens to be mine.