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Seahawks’ road game vs. Eagles on course to be booted off of Sunday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawk Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

For now, the Seattle Seahawks have a stretch where they play four consecutive primetime games. That’s probably not going to hold up at this rate.

The NFL currently has Seattle’s road game at the Philadelphia Eagles slotted in for Sunday Night Football on November 24th. Philadelphia is 3-4 and on the ropes. Over the next three games, they will be the 5-1 Buffalo Bills, home to the 3-3 Chicago Bears, and home again versus the unbeaten New England Patriots. Two seasons removed from winning the Super Bowl, the Eagles are in massive trouble.

If they can’t fix themselves, then there’s no way Seattle at Philadelphia remains on NBC, and it’ll be moved back to 1 PM or 10 AM.

You may be wondering, “what game could replace it?” Well the doubleheader window for FOX that afternoon has the Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers. It’s a near certainty that FOX will protect Cowboys-Patriots, so Packers-49ers would be the most likely replacement, and it’d be more than justified.

Barring a massive collapse, the Seahawks should enter the Eagles game above .500 and at least in the wild card hunt. If Philadelphia keeps fading, then the Seahawks will surely lose a primetime slot through no fault of their own.

By November 12th, we should know whether or not Seahawks-Eagles remains under the lights or if it becomes regional fodder on FOX. If I were a betting man, I’d say Philly is toast and you should prepare for a kickoff time switch.