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All-22 Musings: Eye-catching plays from the Seahawks’ loss to the Ravens

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The high flying Seahawks were overshadowed by the Lamar Jackson-led Ravens on Sunday, as Seattle dropped their second game of the season in a 30-16 defeat. This Seahawks defeat was all too similar to a few other ugly losses at CenturyLink Field: Coaching decisions that shape the narrative for the next week, an electrifying ground performance—Jackson, Alvin Kamara and Todd Gurley (in 2017) come to mind—and a sloppy game from Russell Wilson in even more sloppy weather.

Yet, there are always plays, and moments, that catch the eye. Let’s try to find some beauty on what was a dreary Seattle afternoon.

[BLT 2-5 BLT 36] (13:13) (Shotgun) L. Jackson pass deep right to M. Boykin to SEA 14 for 50 yards (T. Thompson)

(Okay, we’re starting with something that was extremely not beautiful. Stay with me.) The nature of the free safety in Pete Carroll’s defense means when something goes awry, it’s going to look very bad for the safety. This play is no exception, and it’s a horrible play by Tedric Thompson, who remained flat footed until Miles Boykin is practically parallel with him. Carroll did not try to hide his displeasure with the play, either:

[BLT 3-2 SEA 6] (11:03) (Shotgun) G. Edwards right tackle to SEA 7 for -1 yards (J. Clowney)

There are few things this season that bring me as much joy as watching Jadeveon Clowney make the tackle from the backside on a run. Last week, we saw him fight through a reach block with ease to make a similar play. Clowney remains just entirely unfair for opposing linemen.

[SEA 2-9 SEA 18] (5:16) C. Carson right tackle to SEA 26 for 8 yards (C. Clark; J. Ferguson)

This is a fairly well blocked run, with the exception of Jamarco Jones being just a touch slow on the combo block, but what really stood out is the size of the hole which Chris Carson jumped through. Carson does a few things a game that remind you of his great athleticism, and this might be as impressive as anything.

[SEA 3-1 SEA 26] (4:33) (Shotgun) C. Carson up the middle to SEA 35 for 9 yards (T. Bowser)

A sneaky fantastic run from Carson on a relatively simple nine yard gain. First, a subtle little cut at the line of scrimmage to wrong-side Pernell McPhee, and then the contact balance to shake off the attempted tackle from Chuck Clark. Carson continues a run of games that is incredibly impressive.

[SEA 3-11 SEA 34] (2:21) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass deep left to DK. Metcalf pushed ob at BLT 29 for 37 yards (A. Averett). Penalty on BLT-A. Averett, Illegal Contact, declined

It’s a good job by DK Metcalf on this long completion, selling the inside move in order to get on top of Anthony Averett—and secure a catch that was not easy. But what’s really impressive here is the flight of the ball, seen below, and the way Russell Wilson’s pass flattens before dropping perfectly.

[SEA 2-3 BLT 8] (15:00) R. Wilson pass incomplete short left to J. Brown

Everything about this play—the pre-snap motion, Tyler Lockett coming across after the snap, and the play-fake—works perfectly. Play action passes back across the field, when they work, work brilliantly. This one was no exception, until Jaron Brown was unable to corral Wilson’s pass. Regardless, a great design.

[SEA 3-3 BLT 8] (14:52) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass short right to T. Lockett for 8 yards, TOUCHDOWN [P. McPhee]. Penalty on BLT-M. Humphrey, Defensive Holding, declined

To see the amount of grabbing that Marlon Humphrey had to do to stick with Tyler Lockett—and for it all to be for naught—is something else. Lockett’s ability to create separation is unworldly, and that he adjusted to Wilson’s pass and brought it in makes it even better. What a season the Seahawks’ number one receiver is having.

[BLT 1-10 BLT 25] (14:46) L. Jackson pass incomplete short left to S. Roberts (T. Flowers)

Without Marquise Brown in the lineup, the Ravens are seriously lacking perimeter threats. However, Tre Flowers had his best game of the season on Sunday, and this was one of his best plays. Flowers stays on top of Seth Roberts, reacts to Lamar Jackson and breaks on the football, and is able to get his hand in for the breakup without allowing Roberts to draw contact.

[SEA 3-4 SEA 46] (9:39) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass short middle to M. Turner to BLT 30 for 24 yards (B. Carr)

There are a couple things in this play that are really positive from Malik Turner. First, the initial minor readjustment after he first sits in the zone, just to get into space, and then continuing to move to match Wilson’s movement in the pocket. Both are subtle, but really important. Turner then created some yardage after the catch, which he is proving to be good at. Seattle doesn’t pass often enough to justify this without other deserving players losing targets, but it would be great to see Turner more involved.

[BLT 3-5 BLT 30] (6:45) (Shotgun) L. Jackson pass incomplete short left to M. Andrews (M. Blair)

Similar to Flowers’ breakup above, this pass is played perfectly by Marquise Blair. He remains on top of Mark Andrews, breaks on the ball quickly and gets his hand across to breakup the pass. Carroll praised Blair after the game, and it’s easy to see why. He was a solid performer on an ugly afternoon for the Seahawks.

[SEA 1-10 SEA 45] (6:31) (Shotgun) C. Prosise left end to BLT 38 for 17 yards (E. Thomas)

C.J. Prosise’s snaps in 2019 have largely been limited to the two-minute drill—and there may not be a case to play him over Rashaad Penny—but this carry was encouraging. The fluidity and burst Prosise had as a runner at Notre Dame, and in the glimpses we saw early in his career, are still there, and they’re on display here.

[SEA 2-10 SEA 8] (4:51) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass short left to DK. Metcalf to SEA 17 for 9 yards (B. Carr)

This is now the second game in a row, and the third or fourth time this season, Metcalf has separated on an in-breaking route by selling vertical with a jab step before his break. It’s a great way to mitigate for a lack of change of direction, it keeps working, and so he should keep doing it as often as they call in-breaking routes for him.

[SEA 3-9 SEA 33] (2:00) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass deep middle to T. Lockett to BLT 34 for 33 yards (M. Humphrey)

As unconventional as it is to use the end zone angle for a pass, this one allows you to fully appreciate how incredible Lockett’s ball tracking, body control and adjustment to haul in Wilson’s pass is. A tad chaotic, but mostly just an amazing play by Lockett (and by Wilson, getting that pass off).

[BLT 3-7 BLT 16] (12:10) (Shotgun) L. Jackson pass short left to M. Andrews to BLT 22 for 6 yards (T. Flowers)

This was an eye-popping play because of the form, and tenacity, Flowers brought into his hit on Andrews. But it was a fantastic read, and reaction, from the sophomore corner too. A perfectly played third down by Flowers, and one that got the defense off the field.

If Flowers can carry on with the level of play he showed in Week 7—with Shaquill Griffin’s great season and the potential for newfound stability at safety—the secondary could come together during the second half of the season.

[BLT 2-15 BLT 5] (12:08) (Shotgun) L. Jackson pass short right to M. Ingram to BLT 12 for 7 yards (P. Ford, B. Wagner)

It’s our weekly Poona Ford highlight, because he deserves it. This is such a phenomenal, heads up play from Ford—to recognize the screen pass being set up and tail off his rush, and then to have the ability to pursue and help bring down Mark Ingram seven yards downfield. What a player Ford is.

Seattle really couldn’t ask for a better bounce back game in 2019 then the one they have on deck: Away to the Atlanta Falcons. Wilson will get to enjoy the cozy confines of a dome, and the Seahawks will try to be the latest in a long line of teams to gash a lost Falcons squad.