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Goofballs welcomes Ryan Meharry, Vic Michaelis to talk Chiefs, Giants, Richard Sherman’s lying ways

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

There’s a new episode of Goofballs: A Football Podcast and I’m welcoming all of you to give it a listen, see what you think, and enter to win a $25 gift card to Pizza Hut! (#huthutwin)

Goofballs is me and two of my funny friends and the UCB theatre in Los Angeles and we invite other comedians to come talk about their favorite NFL teams. This week, Ryan Meharry (UCB house team Bangarang, every Friday at 8 PM) joins to talk about the Chiefs and Vic Michaelis (UCB Harold team Yeti, Mondays) returns to guest host and talk about the Giants.

And as usual, you’ve me there to mention the Seahawks and to keep things moving forward with different games and segments, like a new round of “C.T.E.” (Cut, Trade, or Extend?) and Vic brings in a game of her own for us to play! We also discuss times we’ve been caught lying like a Richard Sherman type would and what we did about it.

Plus fantasy talk and our picks for Week 6! In order to win a $25 gift card to Pizza Hut ... listen to the episode and find out! Subscribe on iTunes, listen on Stitcher, or click the link right here on the page:

Join Meharry’s Fantasy Flix League and pick movies like they’re athletes!