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Seahawks FanPulse, Week 9: Confidence still shaky as Seattle begins second half of season

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NFL: OCT 27 Seahawks at Falcons

One thing that has been consistent with our FanPulse results this year is that winning games hasn’t exactly been a mega confidence booster. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as we see how often other teams’ opinions crazily sway week-to-week depending on the result.

Still, despite a 6-2 record, confidence in the Seattle Seahawks is a paltry 53%, which is behind the tanking Miami Dolphins by a percentage point.

Based on regular season play, the biggest drop in confidence came in Week 3 when the Seahawks lost at home to the New Orleans Saints. The second biggest drop was the home defeat to the Baltimore Ravens. In comparison, the largest confidence climb was Seattle’s Week 4 win over the Arizona Cardinals, which perhaps not coincidentally is the team’s only win by double digits all season.

Considering Bruce Arians is in town and sporting a 4-1 record in Seattle, I’m pretty sure just “beating Bruce Arians at CenturyLink Field” ought to raise our confidence substantially, barring any major injury in that game. If the Seahawks lose and put themselves on the cusp of being out of the NFC West race? Yeah I don’t want to think about that.

As for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they are not quite in the toilet, but they are getting close. They’re sitting at 20% after their close loss to the Tennessee Titans last Sunday. Sitting at 2-5 and starting at a 12th consecutive season without a postseason game, things are looking bleak.

Lastly, the national question this week is what will happen first: The New England Patriots lose a game, or the Miami Dolphins win a game.

Overwhelmingly the answer is “New England is going to lose.”

What’s funny about this poll is that it was asked before the Dolphins played the Pittsburgh Steelers, so it was looking like “The Dolphins win a game” would’ve been the right answer until Miami remembered they’re not supposed to outscore their opponents.

This weekend, the Patriots are at the Ravens, while the Dolphins host the only marginally better but arguably more dysfunctional New York Jets. In terms of kickoff times, theoretically the Dolphins could win a game before New England loses, seeing as the Pats are on Sunday Night Football.

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