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Injury Update: Tyler Lockett has lower leg injury

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

As the Seattle Seahawks moved the ball down the field in their overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers, wide receiver Tyler Lockett was on the sideline with a leg injury. According to head coach Pete Carroll in his post game press conference, the injury was serious enough to force Lockett out of the game, but Carroll was uncertain how long Lockett could be sidelined.

Specifically, the injury is a lower leg contusion, and there is reportedly significant enough swelling that Lockett may stay in the Bay Area rather than return to Seattle with the team.

Obviously the fact that he’s been taken from the stadium for medical attention is not great news, but at least the team is making sure to address the injury and not rushing him back to be with the team. Considering that blood clots have forced multiple NFL players to either retire or spend a significant amount of time away from the team already this season alone, it comes as no surprise that the team would be very cautious with any kind of injury like this for which significant swelling is present.

Wishing Tyler a speedy recover, and a relaxing bye week during which he enjoys the victory until Seattle plays again when they face off with the Philadelphia Eagles on November 24.


For those who follow Dr. David J. Chao on either his website or Twitter, the former team doctor for the then San Diego but now Los Angeles Chargers has noted that Lockett is likely being monitored for compartment syndrome.

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