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Another week, another Seahawks overtime thriller

Mookie Alexander and Brandan Schulze recap the 27-24 win on the Field Gulls Podcast

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Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Russell Wilson has played in some wild games in his career and this is feeling like a wild season as Seahawks fans experienced a roller coaster of emotions on Monday night. Mookie Alexander joined me on the podcast this week to talk about the ups and downs as the Seahawks went 3-and-out for their only two drives of the first quarter. The Seattle offense failed to score in the first half, instead it was Jadeveon Clowney posting the biggest game of his Seahawks career and took a turnover into the end zone for his second touchdown on the season.

A fumble on an incredible effort by DK Metcalf to try and score a touchdown at the end of the half allowed the San Francisco 49ers to maintain their lead at halftime. Two turnovers by San Francisco helped allow the Seahawks offense to score 14 unanswered points and look like they might be able to coast to a double digit victory in the fourth quarter. But, as Mookie reminds us much like in the game against the Steelers, it was a fumble that allowed their opponent to get back in the game. After the 49ers were within three, the two teams traded field goals to send the game into overtime.

The roller coaster continued into the extra minutes of the game as Wilson led Seattle into the red zone before throwing his second interception of the season. After a missed field goal in overtime by the 49ers, the third drive by the Seahawks was the charm and Jason Myers was able to connect on the winning field goal as time expired.

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