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Seahawks-Eagles flexed out of Sunday Night Football in Week 12

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawk Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

So much for four straight prime-time games: On Tuesday, the NFL announced changes to the schedule, including moving the Seahawks’ trip to Philadelphia from Sunday Night Football to a 10 AM PST kickoff. Seattle’s trip to take on the Eagles was replaced by the Packers’ trip to San Francisco to take on the 8-1 49ers.

While obviously Sunday Night Football would have been preferred, the new slot allows the Seahawks to try and continue two streaks. The first is Seattle’s 5-0 record on the road in 2019. The second is one that would have seemed inconceivable just a few seasons ago:

The most important thing, of course, will be to take down a 5-4 Philadelphia team that fancies itself as a playoff contender in the NFC.

After the Seahawks take on the Eagles, they will have back-to-back prime-time games with similar significance: Home to the Vikings on Monday Night Football, then away to the Rams on Sunday night.