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Enemy Reaction 2019: San Francisco 49ers (Part 2)

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

When we last left our heroes, the Seattle Seahawks held a 21-10 lead over the vaunted, undefeated San Francisco 49ers. They forced another punt and got the ball back with the opportunity to drain tons of clock off the 4th quarter. Of course, things went a little haywire, and we were treated to an unbelievable ending.

Here’s part two of Enemy Reaction for Seattle’s overtime thriller over San Francisco. Oh yeah, it’s time to see what it means to “Go Niners Nation.”

Yeah... this. (21-18 SEA)

Tre Flowers drops an interception after Kendrick Bourne drops the ball, 49ers tie the game (21-21)

Jason Myers gives the Seahawks the lead (24-21 SEA)

K.J. Wright drops game-ending interception (24-21 SEA)

Chase McLaughlin forces overtime (24-24)

Following garbage “in the grasp” sack, Russell Wilson and Malik Turner create magical 3rd and 16 conversion (24-24)

Russell Wilson gets picked off by Dre Greenlaw (24-24)

Chase McLaughlin boots it into the tunnel (24-24)

Russell Wilson scrambles for a huge first down (24-24)

Jason Myers WINS IT!!!! (27-24 SEA FINAL)

Post-Game: Jimmy Garoppolo was a dud (Andrew Pasquini, Niners Wire)

With all the circumstances around the game tonight, Garoppolo had a chance to put himself in the top tier of quarterbacks. Without tight end George Kittle entering the game, and losing wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders during the . contest, made things hard on the quarterback, but he could have taken the opportunity to step up and make plays. He unfortunately couldn’t do it.

There were too many mistakes from him Monday night, including several bad throws and two costly fumbles that led to two Seattle touchdowns. His 66.2 passer rating Monday night was the third-lowest number for Garoppolo as a 49er. Tonight shouldn’t call into question about Garoppolo’s viability as a starting quarterback, but it could lead to questions about his ceiling.

Post-Game: This... this is just salty (Skeebers, 49er Outsider)

Off the top: Shit.

The 49ers, perhaps rashly, tried to beat Seattle with their B team Monday night, but came up a tad short when the B team kicker missed the game winner in OT.

Playing without their top two offensive players, George Kittle and Emmanuel Sanders, it became the Deebo Samuels coming out party. The rookie WR had eight catches for 118 yards. Kendrick Bourne played well except when he didn’t. Completely missing in action were Dante Pettis and Marquise Goodwin, who didn’t show up on the stat sheet for anything.

Seattle HC Pete Carroll whined after the game, like he usually does, that their offense didn’t look the same in OT without their top WR Tyler Lockett. What he didn’t say was the 49ers played the whole game without their top TWO receivers and the Seahawks were just plain lucky they didn’t lose the game anyway. Carroll could have said God was on his side, but that would have infringed on Russell Wilson‘s God patent, so he wisely refrained.

It was not a good night for Jimmy Garoppolo, who lost two fumbles and threw an interception. He tossed two ints on their final OT drive, but Seattle dropped them both.

Post-Game GIF: In-stadium footage of the winning field goal (via Reddit)

Post-Game Video: Jimmy G got exposed (The A-Bomb)

What a damn game. I said that the Seahawks needed to show something on defense and special teams, or else the only way they’d win is if Russell Wilson was at his MVP best every single week. Wilson wasn’t at his best, but the defense and special teams were collectively a massive net positive. It’s one thing to win close against the bottom of the barrel, it’s another to gut out a road win against the NFL’s last unbeaten team, not to mention a heated division rival. I was pretty pessimistic about this team even at 7-2, but how can you not be on a high after a win like that?

No Preaction this week since the Philadelphia Eagles were on a bye, but they will be part of the Seahawks bye week edition of Enemy Reaction, which will go live on Tuesday. Just because the Seahawks have a week off doesn’t mean Enemy Reaction goes away!

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!