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Report: Seahawks will attend Colin Kaepernick workout

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Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

A year and a half after they were reportedly connected to him, the Seattle Seahawks will be in attendance at Colin Kaepernick’s workout on Saturday according to ESPN’s Brady Henderson.

The Seahawks will be among 13 teams that have been confirmed by ESPN so far, but of those teams that may be the least in need of a quarterback in 2019. That’s okay. With almost three years passing since his last NFL game, Kaepernick is likely showcasing for a chance at a roster spot in 2020 anyway.

That doesn’t mean that a team won’t sign him this year — I think literally nobody knows what’s about to happen next in this biopic — and that could work against Seattle’s odds of being the team to give him that shot. The Seahawks have the leading MVP candidate under center and a capable coin toss-caller behind him, but some diligence may be due after they showed interest to Kaepernick in the past.

No other NFC West team is reportedly on the attendance list as of yet. Some remain skeptical that the workout is a “PR stunt” by the league, including Kaepernick’s former teammate Eric Reid.

If Kaepernick practices well in front of the Denver Broncos however, that may be the only stunt that matters.

Kaepernick’s most recent game was a 25-23 loss to the Seahawks on New Years Day, 2017. He had a season-high 122.3 passer rating with 9.7 yards per attempt and two fumbles.

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