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Richard Sherman fined for hit on former Seahawks teammate Tyler Lockett

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a Friday news dump that was so quiet that it slipped past us, there was a fine handed down by the NFL for San Francisco 49ers CB Richard Sherman for last week’s hit on his former Seattle Seahawks teammate, Tyler Lockett.

Upon league review, Sherman lowered his helmet to initiate contact, which should’ve been a flag, but it went uncalled.

Here’s the play in question.

The NFL has made it a point of emphasis to penalize offensive and defensive players for initiating contact with their helmets, although I’d say the application of the rule has been inconsistent at best. In this instance, this was the retroactive right call.

Sherman is coming off an eventful day against the Arizona Cardinals. In San Francisco’s 36-26 win over the Cards, Sherman was flagged for defensive pass interference three times, including one that was a successful (!) challenge by Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury. This is humorous if only because of how 49ers fans must feel about Sherman getting the flags they felt he should’ve regularly been getting when he was with the Seahawks.